Always the bridesmaid, never the bride – By @GCopywrite

By Gigi Rice


Always the bridesmaid, never the bride


My Dear Readers, 


We have hit the halfway point. In fact, we have sailed past it gloriously and the finishing stretch lays before us. 


It would be foolish to however, to think that the home run is the easiest bit. In contrary to how it may come across– the worst really is yet to come. 


Having only shed tears once so far this year (miss you Isik), I feel I’ve been holding out relatively well. Out of the three states Marc says we are constantly in, I’ve been gliding with little peaks and troughs roughly so far. 


But gliding isn’t enough. It’s not enough to get you the job, the pencil or self peace in which to sleep at night. 


Maybe I’m wrong though? I’m sure some people in the room would love to be in my position but I guess one can only speak from their perspective. 


I’m getting bored of not coming first, of always almost reaching the winners podium but never quite pulling it off. 


In the outside non advertising world I’d call myself competitive but not to this level. I pretty much wasted three years at uni being drunk, hungover and then paying Alice Buchanan to go through my work and correct my very obvious mistakes so that I scraped a 2:1. Just didn’t care enough. 


But Marc Lewis the blue haired bastard has got to me. Hard work beats talent hard work beats talent hard work beats talent. 


And boy oh boy, do I care. I care because I’ve got exceedingly expensive habits to keep up (this is not a drugs reference just an ASOS/Uber one). I care because I’ve recently come to realise that no matter what lovely life you’re born into, it can all come crashing and burning down spectacularly. And while you’re standing there in a coating of ash you understand that the only person that can give EVERYTHING to you, is you. 


So, I’ve rolled up my socks and gone balls deep. 


Hard work beats talent. 


I’d say that my hard work level is pretty much at 7 right now so maybe the answer is that I need to do more. How do I find the time to do that and stay sane though? 


Hard work beats talent forgets to mention that hard work beats talent and loses all her friends. 


Because she’s exhausted every school night, because there’s still work left to do, there’s still ideas waiting to be found. 


I know I’m being a bad friend but I really hope they’re still going to be there in July when I reach the end of this madness. 


Hard work beats talent. 


Or perhaps I’m missing the talent element? Perhaps all of this is done in vain and the reason why I can’t seem to win is purely because I’m not good enough. 


To be honest, I ain’t got the time to entertain that thought. 


Sayonara imposter syndrome. 


It’s D and AD time. Hard work beats talent. 


Beep Beep Motherfuckers, I’m here to win. 


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