Ambient #5 – Music For Adobe – By @lcmsca2020

Ambient #5 – Music For Adobe

In 1978 Brian Eno released Music for Airports, an album designed to be played as a continually evolving sound installation within airports to diffuse the usually tense, anxious atmosphere of an airport terminal.

The Ambient series itself was designed to “induce calm and a space to think”, and after a multi decade absence Eno has returned to the series, turning his hand to educational content with the help of legendary typographer and VoiceOver artist Ian “Dulcet Tones” Hands. Designed specifically to relax students whilst they learn about the many facets of every Adobe product. 

The 12 track album was intended for release for late November 2020, but the release has subsequently been pulled due to the Hands being unable to keep his true feelings for Adobe products out of the vocal booth. Eno fearing lawsuits retracted the entirety of the series, however due to a pipeline of avid audio bootleggers that includes several South American drug cartels, I have managed to secure a clandestine copy for the consumption of the general public.  

So dedicated Eno fans, please enjoy the duplicitously acquired opening track of this now highly prised album. 

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