And I didn’t even know it. By @JustObserv1ng

Ashley Davies

By Ashley Davies


And I didn’t even know it.


I’ve never been a avid reader of things and for as long as I can remember I haven’t been very good at it. I look at my 9 year old brother and he burns though books, when I was his age always had to have extra reading classes to wrap my head around the complexity of Bif and Chip. Back then my dyslexia played a role in me not taking to reading but now throw in a weird eye condition that makes looking at black or white feel like an acid trip into the mix… it’s made a bit more of a challenge but it means I see the world a little differently which is no bad thing in our industry I guess. 
In June my mum and I moved to a little cottage in the middle of the Suffolk countryside aka arse end of nowhere. There really isn’t much to do in my village apart from talk to my old neighbours about the airfield that was once there 70 years ago, have a pint of suffolk IPA or read a book. After I got lowdown on the first, realised I’ve done too much of the second I thought I’d better give the third a crack. As I don’t usually read it was an Eeny, meeny, miny, moe along the book shelf and I landed on ‘100 best poems’. Interesting. It was such a range of literature, I felt a little embarrassed looking at some of it for the first time. If – by Rudyard Kipling was my favourite going into the book and I think still my favourite leaving it but I liked going through some of Shakespeare’s sonnets so I thought I’d have a go at one myself. 
SCA Over In A Flash
Decisions already, steps or risk it,
With morning start, pitiless slamming door,
A wake up call — beers night before, head split. 
Smoke in wake, a struggle to the 4th floor.
Now, where to sit? bags down, baby crying—ffs,
‘Bunmi, join us’ seems to fit, take a seat. 
In for a treat, back at half past, give or take,  
SMP, tick! doubt soon cast by a pacing Pete.
Days fade, pressure mounts, push on, become sick?
Calm, piece it together, new skills will come, 
Done, on to the next, but no rest, be quick. 
Plain sailing? lows will happen embrace them.
Your creativity will eb and flow 
In the end, yourself will develop and grow. 

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