« … and you will present your work in front of every body at 3.30PM » By @caminobbe

By Camille Noble


« … and you will present your work in front of every body at 3.30PM »


Every time Marc says that, I have to try to not panic. Since I was 12 years old, I always apprehended doing a presentation. Almost ten years ago, I remember when we all had to do a presentation in a music class. When it was my turn, I stood in front of the whole class and I just couldn’t speak as if something was blocking me. But it was just me. And then I went back to sit down with my notes hiding my face. It was a really embarrassing moment.


Fortunately, this never happened again. I could speak during all my following presentations but never did it easily and always recalled this first embarrassing  moment. I feel very uncomfortable and stressed when the attention is on me and especially when I have to present something I have made. I’m the kind of person who puts his reflection slide in the middle of the Friday reflection presentation just to be unnoticed.


The presentation is almost more important than all the work done before. The idea can be good, but if the presentation is bad nobody will trust in your idea. Which adds even more pressure to the presentation. Even I really enjoyed to work on some particular brief, I never really enjoy showing and explaining it to everybody. I think in creation, it’s even harder to do a presentation of your work because you put a part of yourself in your creations and you show everybody your little baby. And everybody wants his baby to have a nice welcome and accepted by everybody else.


Doing a presentation in front of the class it’s also hard for my self confidence. In fact, I don’t necessarily have much confidence in myself, but at SCA I really don’t have confidence in my english accent and pronunciation. I dread every time I have to speak. Approximately 100 eyes will be looking at me. It will be hot and I know I will become red in a few seconds. Knowing that makes me feel more uncomfortable and also more red. It’s the vicious circle of stress.


My english speaker partner had to write for me a script before the presentation so that I can learn the text by heart and work on the pronunciation of the words. My speaking isn’t truly spontaneous and I know that people can notice it. But this is the only way for me to feel a little reassured.


I really have to improve this part of my work because it’s the only one that others finally see and this will help me to be less stressed everyday. I dread all the next presentations but I know that’s what will make me more confident in my presentations. I’m almost in a hurry to spend all these moments to see all the change on myself.



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