Are You Winning SCA? by @Bensfantastic

Ben Lambert






By Ben Lambert


We are almost half way through our journey at SCA (Jesus that scares me) and as such I have been reflecting on the progress we have all made.


In my introspective state I was reminded of a SCAB one of lasts years intake, Adam Newby, wrote as he came to the end of his year at the school:


Titled ‘How To Win SCA’ he outlined his 12 steps to success at the school for next year’s intake, that’s us!


Wanting to see whether I’m on track to ‘winning SCA’ I revisited the SCAB and compared my progress.



Work hard – Although I work long days I’m certainly not 100% efficient during those hours, particularly as the studio can be distractions galore at times. Besides some of my eager cohort get in earlier and leave later than me.



Don’t get cocky – Fortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to get complacent, the talent in the room is strong and I’ve produced nothing I’m truly proud of as of yet. Although I am beginning to realise just how little I know, a good sign apparently?



Be on time – Generally speaking I’m good at this, although I understand if you don’t believe me, I mean it’s currently 22:12 and I was suppose to send this to Marc at 22:00… c’mon Ben.



Scamp – I was never molested by a tree as a child, but I can’t blame that for my lack of scamping, and despite being showered with creative techniques I’ve yet to explore a lot of them.



Collect dots – “There’s no time to get out and collect dots” Ben Lambert (2015). There is, and its important, collecting culture and being curious is all part of feeding our creativity. We need to have lots of dots in the bank to be able to eventually connect them, and much like my bank account it’s all looking very empty.



Be positive – Amidst all the work, particularly this week having 4 briefs on, its been easy to forget how much you enjoy doing this work and simply dwell on just how much there is to do. I need to step back and have fun.


MOSH’ers if you haven’t already read the SCAB, please do, and then live by it. There are still lots of things i need to improve on, and if you’ve read the SCAB possibly some things you realise you could be more on top of, but better to fix it now than never.

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