As I said…is up to you! By @sperfys


By Federica Martini



As I said…is up to you!


What do you think when you wake up in the morning?
Has “I’m not ready for this” ever been your first thought when you first open your eyes?

Brushing your teeth feeling upset with yourself because you never realized that it was just an easy thing to be a decent creative in the middle of a crowd of ordinary people?

Getting dressed thinking how to survive to the next challenge you are not able to win?

Have you ever felt like the only idiot under a spotlight in front of a audience of geniuses?

Have you ever felt like this? Because I do…Actually I did!

I have lived my first week at SCA exactly like that. And the thing that annoys me the most is that it is incredibly evident. But when the first weekend came I finally told myself…


I don’t recall myself being that lame and weak! So…now choose:

  1. 1)  keep on feeling useless
  2. 2)  move your ass, shake your brain and give birth to some good ideas.

I opt for option 2, I took a walk, I reached a nice cafe, ordered a double espresso, opened my diary and my notebook…And here we go!
Two hours and two espressos later I got some decent ideas written on my pad.
I’m not saying that from now on I will smash all the deadlines, or that I will never get nervous again. What I am saying is, has I did in my first SCAB…this is totally up to you.

So Get your S**t together, stop complaining about how things could be if only bla bla bla, do stuff and love that stuff! Even if is not good enough yet, even if is not perfect, it’s better to start making shit than hide yourself underneath it!
So week 2 started in a really different way, the leading mood now is really really different, saying stuff, making stuff, interacting more and so on.

I have always had a huge ego, I mean…really huge. And I know that’s not exactly a good thing but as everything on planet Earth it also has a bright side that is that you can always count on yourself, because your biggest fan is you, because you will always think that what you do is good after all. Big up for your Ego!

I have to admit that now I can’t actually understand how could it be possible to get used to this level of pressure, I mean working in advertising means that you always have to be brilliant, fast, smart and efficient, is not a clock in and clock out, maybe it’s exactly because of this that a lot of young people take the easy way, having ambitions is not a walk in the park, it takes a millions of risks and the worst one is Failure. But guys let’s be honest nothing compares to success. Taking the risk is bloody worth it!

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