Batteries. F**k Batteries. By @YOxSHOSHO

Sokaina Aliouate

By Sokaina Aliouate


Batteries. Fuck batteries. Who idea batteries.
I’d rather die than work on batteries. No. that’s not true.
I don’t want to die
I was just joking. 
It was just a joke
Whatever higher power in charge, know that I was just joking.
I really don’t wanna die.
I still haven’t lived my life.
I haven’t even met Jennifer Aniston once or finished On the road by Jack Kerouac.
Or seen Mariah Carey in concert.
I haven’t even walked down the street with a spring in my step.
Start a TLC cover band.
Or watched this season of It’s always sunny in Philadelphia.
Mom I love you.
Dad I love you too.
I still wanna try eating Momo (Tibetan dumpling) 
I haven’t accomplished a lot of what i want to accomplish,
I mean most of what I want to accomplish.
Finally achieving to put lenses in cosmetic contact lenses.
Wear cosmetic contact lenses.
Take a street dance class.
Re-watch all seasons of Friends, one more time.
Pretend I live in the early 2000s.
Telling that mean person what a horrible human being they are to their face.
Somehow give back everything my parents have done for me.
Bring back Buffalo shoes.
I feel like i have to run around an open field in a summer dress once in my life.
Perform a contemporary dance of Twisted by Keith sweat.
I really want to visit Hong Kong
Make a concise summary out of that Plato book I just finished.
I’d love to go to that dinner experience thingy where you have to try to escape.
Press that button that says don’t press.
Be blond.
Record a full record purely consisting of me singing in what I believe to be falsetto.
Live a meaningful and purposeful life, embedded with love, balance and justice.
Watch all the Star Wars movies so I can watch the new one.
I’d love to have an infinite amount of money and execute a long and intricate revenge plot where money is no problem for me.
Or done that thing

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