Boom, bam, bop

Two weeks have flown by and I’ve not even blinked. I already feel like I’ve been at the school for a lifetime, and yet, no time has passed at all. I believe it was Newton’s discovery that proved Time divided by SCA = Mad Headfuckery. He were right, that fella. He were right right. Apparently some scientists think black holes are really interesting, and apparently some of these black holes warp time and space or something. But more apparently, apparently SCA does the exact same thing so I’m thinking why don’t you save yourselves the hassle, scientists, and point your telescopes Brixton-way and you might solve some real black hole mysteries. How many briefs have we been given already in these two weeks? Ninety four? It’s not physically possible in the real world. I suppose we’re not in Kansas anymore. Or Earth for that matter.

The school’s workload is like a big fat burrito. Fit to burst. Every day is a new challenge to see how much our tight little hamster cheeks can stretch to fit all these briefs. Marcus Aurelewis, the emperor, winced when he saw us all raise our hands when he asked if we would be working over the weekend. Cheeky Caesar. Of course we’re working over the weekend. But as I feel like I’m learning, along with probably most if not all the other weirdos at this school (love you), it’s fun getting involved even on weekends. Though, ask me in a few months if I or them feel the same way when the big daddy briefs like D&AD come approaching…
For now, however, it’s all rather new and exciting. Just yesterday I was round a course mate’s yard (big up Alec) to do some filming for one of our briefs. We had wine (oops) and I somehow ended up in a jacuzzi whilst still getting ‘work’ done. How about that for working on fucking weekends all ye bankers out there.

I digress.

If I had a point to this essay (and yes, it is an essay), the point I’d be trying to make is that I’m having a bit of a blast here at SCA. I was honestly worried about taking on such an intense course. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are many a meltdowns on the horizon for myself and the cohort. Yet, in spite of that, I fully back us to come through with the goods. We might have been a motley crew of fertile bird shit when we started two weeks ago, but we’ve all been showing signs of the apple blossoms to come. If Marc is our emperor and we his eager mob, there is no doubt in my mind that Rome will be built in ten months time.

Jesus Cristo. Now I sound like all the positive schmucks of SCA yore. Fuck it. I care not. Part of the ship, part of the crew.

Frederik Schmuck


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