Break Your Routine – By @aroundskadri

Adriano Sganzini

By Adriano Sganzini


Break Your Routine


Hi all,

Welcome to my new weekly scab. Since the first day we have all been told to be hungry and collect dots around the city. London is a giant city and we could easily lose ourselves in it and enter a daily routine that we don’t really want. Wake up, go to school, work, work, work, go home, eat, sleep. Here you can find little tips for every day of the week. They will be different things, so be prepared and open for everything, and if you want just collect the dots 🙂




Don’t be lazy it’s Monday. Duck Duck Goose Improv.

They have three awesome acts for you:

  • The RH Experience: The hilarious YouTube stars with their famous format: ‘Stuck!’
  • The Petting Zoo: Longform just got wildly funny and weird!
  • The Inflatables: Shortform games and scenes from this notoriously witty team!

Location: Backyard Comedy Club 231 Cambridge Heath Road, London E2 0EL





Try a new food:

            Cabana restaurant is a really good design Brazilian barbecue. If you don’t want to eat you can still go to enjoy a good cocktail. If you go during the happy hour is from 12 to 7pm it’s buy one get one free.




            Location: 201 – 207 Ferndale Road, Brixton, London, SW9 8BE




Visit an exhibition: Under at Ambika P3

Big video installation in an industrial space. Speaking about the mysterious sport of free diving. I totally recommend this exhibition.

                                    Ambika P3, 35-100 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5




Stop going to Costa or Starbucks. Try a new coffee and break your routine. In Brixton market there is a sketchy breakfast bar that does cappuccinos for £1.30. You can also go to a bar along the road, read the newspaper and enjoy listening to conversations around you.




Finally, Friday. After an amazing week at SCA start the evening enjoying the happy hour at Market House and then go out. 

Hootananny in Brixton (literally 5 minutes walking from the pub) has free entrance if you go before 10pm. This week the music will be Reggae, Ska, Hip Hop and Dub from 10 to 3am and before they offer a comedy night with Jeff Innocent and Luke Tulson as guests.

Beer is cheap and it’s the best place to meet new people and listen to stories.




Finally you wake up in the afternoon. Why not visiting a museum? This week my suggestion is to go to the Natural History Museum. 

You will discover a lot of new things about science and nature. The access is free and has many interesting stuff to discover.




Time to chill. Hoping for a sunny day to go relax in a park. For this week my suggestion is to go near Embankment station, where there is a little park. Enjoy the sun with a couple of beers and some music. If you don’t like the grass, there are some long chairs just for you. Around 4 if you are bored you can just literally walk for 1 minute and drink a glass of wine in the old bar named Gordon’s.


Hope my dots can help you guys to enjoy the week,


See you tomorrow and stay connected for next week dots 😉

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