Building a brand – By @poppy_scarlett

By Poppy Cumming-Spain

Building a brand

A number of mentors have come into SCA and told us that we need to be able to sell ourselves. Phrases like ‘If you can’t sell yourself, how will you sell anything else?’ have crossed many lips, and for good really. I fully understand this as a principle. You should want to sell yourself. And you should know yourself better than any brand, product or service you’ll be selling later. In theory, it should be a lot easier to sell yourself than anything else, because you don’t have to spend hours trying to find some special, unknown benefit. You’ve spend your entire life building ‘brand you’, so you should know already.


However, the fact remains that you still need to get inside the heads of your audience. And that’s hard. Our audience might be better at this than we are. They’re already getting in the heads of non-adlanders. Many have been for years and years.


Also, promoting ‘brand you’ requires some showing off, which some relish but a lot of us cringe at. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind talking about myself, so long as it’s not showy or shouty. But, the fact is if you don’t shout, no one will pay you any attention. And even if you do, they might not care. Or they won’t listen. So you have to learn to shout in the right way and about the right things. And, even then your audience will have their own preferred types and levels of shouting. Confusing, huh?


But, we must build our brands if anyone is to believe that we can build their client’s or their own. So we’re building and we’re promoting. We’re learning to shout comfortably. We’re shouting to those we want to listen and hoping that they’ll care. We’re trying to find a way to be a brand that we want to be and a brand that they like.


It’s not easy. I may have a new found sympathy for brands, which could be handy. I think we’ve managed to find the balance we wanted though. Only time will tell. Our brand has already infiltrated the SCA language and some of our clients’, so maybe that’s a good sign?




Megan is MEGA.


And I put in the POPS.


We’re a team. We’re a unit. We come as a pair.


Our business cards are Megapops.


They’re colourful lollipops.


We might expand our product range.


So watch this space.


Our website is going to be weird.


We’ll think it’s hilarious.


Hopefully you will too.


Marc called us the Pot Noodle team.


At first we thought he meant the slags of advertising.


That was both highly offensive and untrue.


But then one day we got it.


We want to be the Pot Noodle team of SCA.


Hopefully we will be.


I reckon we can.


Our brand got branded without us asking or knowing.


Just like real brands do.


Interesting, really.


So, we’re building our brand.


And could use all the help we could get.


There are lots of other great brands in SCA too.


In the spirit of self-promotion. Take a look at our (in progress) website:


And follow us on Twitter: @megapops_ads


There are lots of other great brands in SCA too!


Make sure you check them out.



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