Caroline’s Writing Workshop: Blood Covered Babies and More…

Last week, Copywriting Mentor Caroline Hampstead ran a writing workshop with our students to spruce up their copy skills. 

In this BOAT group blog, we asked our student copywriters ‘What was the biggest takeaway from her session?’ and here’s what they replied…

Andreas I

The first draft is a “blood covered, shit covered baby.”

Archie M

“I am not thinking about the blood-shit baby”

Learning a visual language is like any other language. There’s vocabulary AND grammar .

Ben E 

Lists + Senses + My hand hurts

Charlie S

“Come back when the blood has dried” Caroline


Writing relies more on quantity than I ever realised. 

Chip M

You will be shit at writing until you are good.

Ed R

Andreas’ Great Grandfather killed someone with a rock

Holly K

Biggest learnings:

– don’t tell, show

– dark stuff is more interesting

Jess R

Taste, smell, touch, sound, sight. In that order.

Khadija A

Characters are like ghosts. Let them haunt you a bit.

Louise A

Your baby will be born covered in shit and blood.

Magda B

Make your writing very detailed but also leave some mystery.

Nina S

You can actually speak to and hear from fictional characters

Obinna I

Detail makes it believable

Satisha A

Don’t be afraid to let your inner voice be heard.

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