Charlotte Pughe – By @PugheScarlet

By Scarlett Pughe


Charlotte Pughe


What is a Persona? 

Personas are fictional characters which help us understand the needs, desires, fears and goals of the people that might use your service, product, site or brand. Creating a persona allows us to step outside ourselves and understand what others want. 

After a compelling masterclass from Marc on Friday, I had created my first persona, Danielle the air hostess. 



23, an Air hostess from Essex.

Drives to the airport in her cream Fiat 500. 

Left school at 16 and has been working as a hairdresser for the last seven years. She decided recently she wanted to be an air hostess for British airways, as she was jealous of her friend who was flying all over the world. She has 3k followers on Instagram and posts as if she is a blogger. Her followers have no idea she is an air hostess and believe she has the best life, flying to a different place on holiday every week. She has an app on her phone which informs her when people unfollow her. She regularly posts about being kind to everyone and the importance of good karma, yet loves nothing more than a good bitching session. 

Her boyfriend is one of the lads in Essex, he likes to fly to Marbella at least once a year and spend more time in the bathroom than her. Danielle is worried about the outfits she has packed for her most recent flight and is thinking about whether her next insta post should be in a dress or a bikini. She’s excited to land to see how many likes she has got on her most recent post. Her best travel experience was when George Best asked for her number on a flight to Ibiza. Her worst is when her EasyJet lost her luggage so she didn’t have any clothes for the three days in Barbados. Danielle hopes to find love in a pilot and doesn’t care about cheating on her boyfriend.  Her greatest ambition is to join the Mile High club, in her BA uniform.  


In order to target the right people and appeal to them, we should have a wide variety of different personas which we can call upon. Therefore, I created Charlotte Pughe- a free persona for anyone to add to their library …. (obviously entirely fictional).


Charlotte Pughe

22 year old basic white girl, originally from Kent but now lives in London.

Still a student five years after leaving school, never really had a job other than working in a pub for a bit. Loves to throw a party and host events. She has thrown five surprise parties in the last three years and is wondering how she will pull off the sixth. 

She drives a Range Rover but cares about the environment. She loves shopping at Zara but is against fast fashion. She loves designer shoes and wears Pomegranate Noir perfume by Jo Malone.

She enjoys going to the wine bar below her flat in Battersea. Her drinks of choice are an Aperol spritz, Hendricks and tonic and she loves a porn star martini but often won’t order one because she thinks it makes her look basic. 

She was asked to go on the show Made in Chelsea but valued her privacy too much to accept, she also isn’t from Chelsea so thought it would be weird. And the show would mean no one would take her career seriously. It’s important to be seen as serious. 

She’s incredibly competitive and hates to lose. She played hockey for England but now rates herself as a ping pong extraordinaire. She’s yet to attempt Beer pong but Prosecco pong is basically the same thing right?

Her imposter syndrome is huge and she feels like most design success has come from luck.

She doesn’t cry, only in exceptional circumstances (or Marley and Me), her friends compare her to Amanda (Cameron Diaz) from ‘The Holiday’. 

Single, her parents take the piss out of her love life as she gets bored very easily, if a guy makes it past the first date they’ve done well. Her family and friends are the most important thing to her.

Her favourite hobby is to go on holiday and explore somewhere new. Life’s good when you have 500,000 air miles. 


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