SCAB #002 – If I Close My Eyes Then It Can’t See Me

Second week of September and Summer’s finally decided to make an appearancetwoweekstogo. I’m in the garden, soaking up the rays on a lush emerald bed of sun-fattened turf and sending thanks to the heavens that my parents are so green-thumbedsoon. There’s a light breeze, scented with a nondescript but pleasant floral aroma and carrying just enough warmth to feel like a caress, as though the great outdoors is happy that I’m in it rather than my stale bedroom and is embracing me fondlyareyouready. One tree, at the end of my garden – it’s a Robinia – has these yellow leaves that almost seem to gather up sunshine in its boughs like armfuls of gold and hold them there, showing off its treasure to mebraceyourself. I’m not even bothered by the host of insects that surround me in the air, on the ground and floating in my cup of tea. I’m just too chill to fuss over an errant ant or inquisitive hoverfly right nowitdrawsnear. I pull a deep breath into my lungs and I smile at the immaculate pleasure simply of being alive. An artichoke is in bloom, a spiked tuft of startling blue that does its utmost to compete with the cloudless vastness at which it thrustswillyousurvive.

Truly, I am at peace.

SCAB #002/2 – And They’re Off

[Two weeks after the events of pt.1]

Cycle, you cretin. Don’t be late, don’t hit that tree, god please don’t be late on your first day, watch out for that old lady, you really can’t be late. Thank goodness, looks like we got away with it, they haven’t opened Pop yet. These people must be the new cohort, they look interesting and it’s a highly diverse crowd. I’m so sweaty. I promise I’m not normally this sweaty. What if they think I’m a weird sweaty guy who always breathes in suppressed gasps for air. Prosecco at 9am, I could get used to this. Marc’s goatee is just as glorious as I’d hoped it would be. He’s laughing. He’s telling us about how he’s going to bend our souls over a rack this year and he’s laughing. He’s loving it! What on Earth are we in for this year. The faculty seem lovely. Here’s Pete. Oh no, he’s laughing too now. All the students seem quite friendly, very much in the same emotional boat as me today. That’s a relief. Seven quid for a pint, crikey, Pop Brixton isn’t the place for a chap to drink on a budget. Worth it for a chat with the others though. I’m knackered.

Back in again. You need a new bike mate, this just won’t do. You can’t expect to be on time If the chain comes off every two-hundred metres. Just before nine AM again, let’s try and get ourselves some breathing room in the morning please, your knees can’t handle that cycling pace every day. Starting with some stand up, exciting to see Mr Cee again, lord knows he gave you a run for your money on interview day. It’s interesting blending the online students with the London course and it seems to be working quite well so far. On to some mindfulness next and it’s gratifying to know that the meditation you’ve been doing so far has you on the right track, it feels like it’ll become essential as the year progresses. Gratitude is a lovely thing to focus on, that’s a good lesson to learn. Finishing off the day with some poetry. Deana is brilliant, very pleased to hear that she’ll be appearing throughout the term. Poetry is quite fun, this stream of consciousness stuff is a bit tricky to grasp though, not sure I’ll be able to use it in any writing I do…


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