Craving space – By @DavidKorhonen4

By David Korhonen


Craving space


It’s been two weeks since we left the church to move into the new building at Pop Brixton. This move allows us to change our habits a bit and recreate our workspaces. It also a chance to see new faces next to us and to have different inputs. Being in Pop Brixton is also an excellent addition. The food obviously is the best around, and it’s tough not to succumb to the temptation. But the new box where we have some of our masterclasses is really what makes it way better. Overall, I feel like the school looks more like an agency and that it invites us to move in different floors much more. 


But it’s also been two weeks since I craved space. Personal space. I feel like I have to be alone all the time, to be suffocated by the slightest conversation.


Is it because of the new building?

The distribution on three floors makes it possible to reduce the noise a little bit, but because it is smaller, I have the feeling that we piled up on each other. To be too close to everyone. I almost feel like I’m part of every conversation, especially when the mentors are there. I also lost my escape route. Dunbar allowed me to leave for a moment or an afternoon in my own world. And to skateboard too.


Is it because I’m much more tired?

Since the midterm break, I’ve been doing shit with my rest schedules. I created a first shift which occurs naturally when I am on vacation because I get up later. Add to that the fact that I got into the habit of working later, especially during rush hours. And when I’m more tired, I need to rest more often. For introverts, it happens without the others, or at least as little as possible.


Is it because I also moved recently and it made a lot of changes at once? The double move has completely changed my habits, and I guess it takes a lot of energy to create new ones. At the same time, being no longer alone but in shared accommodation also leaves me less time for myself outside of school — even if my lovely roommates respect my privacy.


Is it because winter never end?

I’m really struggling with this time of year. My mood and motivation take a hit every time. And although I know it’s because of that, I can’t ignore it. On top of that, it is cold. Suddenly going out for a walk or landing in a park becomes much harder.


Whatever the reason, I still try to stay positive, and I will speak to you with great pleasure. But if you see that at times I’m trying to avoid you, don’t worry, I still love you.

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