Creatively dry – By @GCopywrite

Creatively dry

My Dear Readers, 

I’m ponder about what to make the theme of this SCAB. There are many things I could technically natter on about but first week back from break and we’ve been given so much work that there is literally zero room in my pea sized brain for anything else. 

All of my SCABs have been pretty pointless or superficial for months. Will probably continue, I don’t feel I have anything particularly worrying or pressing to share with you. I’m just trying to meet all of my deadlines and keep my head down to be honest. 

I don’t have the energy right now to be making extra stuff. I am as creatively dry as a Nun’s vagina. I actually cannot wait to get out and into an agency where yeah, at times it’s going to be crazy busy but it won’t be how SCA is ALL THE TIME. There’s no space to BREATHE. 

I have been rapidly gaining weight from not going outside and exercising cause I don’t have time, I have to be in a class or in a crit, on zoom, speaking to a mentor etc. It also doesn’t help that I don’t have a garden or a desk to work from. I’m stuck in my bed. 

We had a WIP this morning that went on close to four hours and since I was at the end of the deck I had to wait until they got there. I won’t lie, I did mute myself and my video on Zoom and instead do karaoke and send videos of me rapping Alexander Hamilton to Holly G. 

I can’t work out wether it’s cause I’m shattered from working the entire weekend or wether I have just genuinely reached my limit of patience with the constant force that is SCA. 

At the same time I’m also terrified of leaving because it’s also a wonderful bubble where even if you fuck up epically, as long as you hand something in and tried with your fuck up, it doesn’t matter. 

We’ve got spit and polish due in Thursday, D and AD results Thursday, Cream due in Friday, JKR due in Friday, portfolio day invite due in Monday, portfolio due Tuesday christ above. 

I just want to go on a walk and walk for as long and far as my legs will carry me. Ideally in a balmy 22 degrees with a dog friendly dog. I’ve been walking my neighbours dog Mr Scrumpchie but he actively attacks other dogs so every walk becomes a game of ‘avoid that hound’. I feel really guilty that I haven’t taken him out in like 3 weeks. 

Perhaps I just need to sleep. 

I’m usually the zing and zap ringleader poster child for ‘go out there and get em!!’.

The whole point of this entire SCAB I’ve decided is- Don’t work 10-12 hours for 4 days straight and then start a Monday at SCA. 

Love you all, night night.

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