Curiosity Killed the Cat – by @LucyRBaker93

Lucy Baker

By Lucy Baker

When you are a child you question everything. Why are trains long and not tall? Why is the sky blue? Perhaps it’s because when you are young everything is fascinating and new. But I believe that much like Adam and Eve, you question everything because you are blissfully unaware of your ignorance and innocence. That’s until you eat the apple. Before then, you didn’t know what curiosity meant. It means you don’t know the answer. Somewhere along the line, people get taught that not knowing the answers is embarrassing. This is a terrible shame. 

I have a great friend to whom interesting things always happen. I never knew why until I fully examined how she goes about life. She constantly stops strangers and asks them questions, which I always found immensely embarrassing. The filter in her brain must have got lost in the post. How fortunate she is.The other day she asked an old lady who was shopping in Sainsbury’s what her hand held blipper machine that scanned items was for. I have always wondered, and never known, never having thought to ask. 

One great lesson we have been taught at SCA is to ask why. Dave Trott said it’s great to say, ‘I don’t know’, as you will always learn something new. My battle between embarrassment and curiosity used to be won by the former. I wanted to look stupid as much as a goth wanted to go to a swimming gala. Gradually this has changed. My ability to be embarrassed still exists, but the older I get the more I feel the latter shall triumph. 

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