D&AD Annual is the new Tinder – By @karolinakezdi

By Karolina Kezdi


D&AD Annual is the new Tinder


Last week we went to the CR and D&AD event. Here, an SCA student was equally excited about the talk and about taking home some free D&AD Annuals.


D&AD Annual is the Bible. D&AD Annual is expensive. D&AD Annual is heavy.


Karolina Kezdi is always wearing heels. Karolina Kezdi is a megalomaniac. Karolina Kezdi has 8 D&AD Annuals at home.


Temperateness is not my thing.


There’s a little girl at every ballet class who hardly fits into the tutu. That was me. I was a massive kid, what can I say. I’ve always wanted to compensate this, so I’ve been on a diet since I was sixteen. There are two stages: stuffing and fasting. Nothing in between.


I’m an addict.


I obsessively believe that constantly trying to reach the best (not my best), or finding excuses and fooling my conscience about why I can’t costs the same amount of energy.


Opportunity is now here. Shame on me, if I waste it. Wasting food is a sin. Wasting time is a crime.


I’m impatient.  


I wanted to try snowboard. I did once. My quick snowboard champion career ended during lunch break. My friend who volunteered to teach me made me swear to never ever try it again. I didn’t fall so much, but when I did, I almost stayed there, forever. I’m a good skier. I’m confident on the hills, I know how to turn in a big arch, how to turn in a small arch, how to bypass a group of loiterer forever-reatarters, the selfie-stickers in the middle of the slope or an unleashed left ski bowling along. I’m in charge, I’m in control. On the board I wanted the same feeling that I’m used to, and the same speed that I’m used to. The only difference is that I had zero technical skills. I couldn’t slow down or stop. This kind of situation could only end in one way:  a bad way. I was irresponsible. It was dangerous, and not just for me.


There are no shortcuts. Marc, you were right. Yes. Again.


We got a 6-minute diary, a self journal to reflect on ourselves and have gratitude and a personalized bookmark in it. The quote on mine is:


The will to succeed is important.

But as important is the will to prepare.


When I first read it I agonized. He definitely hates me. No, even worse, I’m not significant enough to be hated, he thinks Mehh… He thinks I’m lazy. He thinks I’m a waste of time.


I read it in the last 22 days at least twice a day. Now I get it.


He cares about me. He believes in me.


I’ve read somewhere women are more likely to be success-oriented and men are more likely to want to avoid failure.


I’m both.


So I carried 18104 ml of D&AD Annuals home, alone. (Our scales is broken, this is the only working unit.) During this journey two guys laughed at me, two guys offered themselves and helped toting, one of them asked for my number, what I kindly refused, and the cashier guy in the Sainsbury offered me to leave a few books there that I could come back for later, what I kindly accepted.


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