Meeting Dave Trott, Rory Sutherland, Mark Denton

John Trainor

By John Trainor


Meeting Dave Trott, Rory Sutherland, & Mark Denton




I’ve always hated spoilt kids. When I say spoilt kids I mean spoilt adults too, constantly complaining about not having the latest thing, until a week later and they own it and are demanding something new. They grow up naturally selfish, putting themselves first in every situation, looking for how and why it benefits them and if it doesn’t  they’re not interested. From my experience some of the rudest people with the least manners come from the nicest, most expensive areas in London. I look at them and, of course, am slightly envious of everything they have, but am always pleased knowing I’m nothing like them and that I appreciate everything I have.


Today I woke up and realised I’m one of them. I’ve been neglecting how lucky I’ve been – and am – to be at the school. Not only because I’m here on a scholarship but because while at school I’m given live briefs to work on, something that many other students would love to have the chance to do. I’m able to meet hundreds and hundreds of mentors from the industry, another massive perk that before today I didn’t really think about and appreciate. I’ve had front row seats at masterclasses from people like Dave Trott, Rory Sutherland, Mark Denton and countless other greats. Other opportunities are thrown up everyday at the school and I’ve become so used to hearing about them that I’m rarely excited by them, whereas the old me would have been pushing people out of the way to grab them. 


I think that realising how spoilt I actually am will help me a lot though. Hopefully now I’ll see any opportunity as a big opportunity. It’s one I’m privileged to have.

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