Dealing with Shit Management. – By @G_Medford

By Christopher Medford


Dealing with Shit Management.


Working in broadcast for the past five years has taught me a lot about multi-tasking,planning and time management, but for the past two years I personally have been experiencing a stagnation within the position I had been in. Going through about five different managers a lot of personal details had been lost within the company about myself such as being dyslexic and dyspraxic,  these things haven’t been greatly affecting any of my duties at work but certain big events that have emotional rocked me recently has made these things more noticable.


Having a manager that doesn’t understand a disability or just doesn’t want to understand the people they work with is the most frustrating situation to be put into, the only way I can summarize it, i have no mouth but i want to scream. This level of poor management has deteriorated my mental health to the point of breaking.


Days at work became absolute torture, sitting at a editing desk and 100% Quality control Content in a room with no windows for 12 hours of the day will break even the strongest of people. But changing your circumstances that your stuck in can be the hardest thing to do when all you have is the dust in your pockets and no capital in your account

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