Do I have an opinion? By @Edwards92Sophie

Sophie Edwards

By Sophie Edwards


Do I have an opinion?


I am a yes person. Which occasionally leads to sticky situations. The majority of which arise from when someone asks for my opinion. Of course, like everyone, I have an opinion. But I find it hard (really hard) to tell someone my opinion if it involves criticising them/ going against what they believe in. I guess at the moment I’m just not good with confrontation.


Why is it hardddddddd?


Mainly because right now I don’t feel as though my opinion has gravitas. Is what I find nice really nice or is it just Sophie friendly? I am still learning. When I produce adverts that I like I often have this sinking feeling where I wonder if anyone else will like them. What if no one gets my sassy poster? Mock sexy movie? Or the cute little Mr Bubbleman will somehow backfire?


So I decided to brave it and share my opinion with you about something which was challenged since I started at SCA. This is my favourite advert:


When I showed some mentors they weren’t at all keen on it. Of course I asked Why? What is it about the ad which isn’t great? They had logical answers around it not working as hard as others due to the lack of strategy etc.


So I tried, I really did to forget this ad – to find another one which inspired me as much as the one above does. I honesty though that changing my opinion on something would be easy. But I can’t. This advert is and still will be my favourite. It is bold and emotional – it visually captures the falling feeling of a first kiss and above all that I remember it – which for a perfume advert is something pretty special!  


Gosh, I have debated a lot whether to include this conclusion. But I will.

Moving forwards I am going to show my opinion. This does not mean not taking advice from others – but just to show mine, as up until now it hasn’t reared its head.

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