Do it for Denmark: Part I – By @EllieDag

By Ellie Daghlian


Do it for Denmark: Part I


Mark Palmer from Maverick Planet came in to talk to us today. 


An incredible, 8 hour masterclass. 


Whilst my brain is truly fried. Here’s a snippet of all the crazy ideas he had to offer. 


The four Rs.  


Re-expression. Related worlds. Revolution. Random. 


Re-expression is taking something and expressing it in a different way. 


Do it for Starbucks. 


Re-express the idea or the experience. Don’t just jump to a name. You could say coffee looks like muddy water. Coloured and liquid. Use that to create another product.


Related worlds:


Accountant. Organises peoples taxes. 


Tax evasion for Starbucks. 


Maths. Adds things together. 


Break down a Starbucks cup coffee into numbers. 




Take the rules of something. Break them. 


Card factory. Send them on a birthday. Put a stamp on it. Don’t. Picture on the front. 


Take each one. Break it. What if the picture goes somewhere else.


What are the rules for running a coffee shop?


Sell coffee. Break that. Steal it. Give it away. 


Ask for what you want. No. Tell them. Recommend. Find their personal drink via a personal shopper. Like a sommelier. 


Grind the beans. 


Whole bean coffee. Dance on the beans. 


Take a technique. List it. Find opposites. 




Cards in the shape of fish, in a box. 


Make connections back to Starbucks and the product. 


Serve coffee in a box. 


Add fish oil to the drink. 


Collagen coffee. 


Coffee bath bomb. 


Business cards you can only read dipped in coffee. 


Take information, add an insight, find an idea, make it real. 


So that coffee bath bomb? Go do a collaboration with Lush. 


The Economist. 


That best ever campaign was killing the Economist. 


Made it too elitist. 


Felt too difficult to read. 




Only taking corporate advertising. 


What advertising would they like?



If apple was the only client, wha would you do?


Don’t say who reads the Economist. 


Explain why they read the Economist. 


Because they’re curious. 


We like to think we’re curious. 


It’s a nice thing to be. 


How to express it?

Think in a different way.


That’s what the Economist is all about. 


Do you position a brand for heartburn or indigestion?




People call the same thing different names. 


So don’t choose. 


Dual relief. 


Denmark has an ageing population. 


Birth rate at a 27 year low. 


Use that to sell holidays. 


Go on holiday. Get the spice. Make a baby. 


Insight + fact + brand. 


Makes this: Do it for Denmark. 




Bizarre. Right?


Do your research. 


Find stuff out.


Find information about an area. People going to Starbucks. Look for insights. 


Get numbers. Prove something is a good idea. 


Depends what you want to do. 


Find a rough idea. Follow it. Test your hypothesis. 




Like vine but it isn’t. 


Vine with a behavioural algorithm. 




Expose yourself to things in the world for your audience. 


Sign up for TikTok.


Pay attention to the world and take notes. 


Go see Antony Gormley. 


Have a notebook. Not a laptop. 


Take notes of interesting things. 


Exercise your brain.


Protect orange dinosaurs and weird sheep. 


Don’t assume dinosaurs aren’t orange. Who knows. 


Don’t make assumptions. 


96% of sheep are follower sheep.  They follow.


3% are leader sheep. They lead. 


1% are weird sheep. They don’t care. 


They see the gap in the fence. 


See the world differently. Stand out.

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