Do you own your time? Find out how – By @maxatyler

By Max Tyler


Do you own your time ? Find out how



Get in early. 

Plan the time you have when you are in early.

Write a list of things you need to do that day.

Break down your weekly goals into manageable sections.

Prioritise work thats more important and give it some more time.

Keep on top of your workload by setting mini deadlines during each day.

Write notes down and stick them on the wall.

Put your scamps on the wall.

Keep your desk tidy.

Your environment effects your mind.

Keep things moving and make sure ideas don’t get left behind.

Juggling 4-5 or more ideas at once is usually a bit troublesome.

Lay your thinking out in front of you so things don’t get lost.

If one idea is coming along easier give it some more time.

Ask for advice on ideas you are going around in circles with.

Ask feedback from your peers as much as you can.

Tally out the feedback so you can see who to listen to.

Make a decision early on who to listen to and execute accordingly.

Block out distractions, turning off your phone works quite well.

Half way through the day recap on what you’ve done and where you’re meant to be.

Change the rest of the time for the day accordingly so you can get it all done.

Keep a notepad of all of the smaller ideas you have.

Put them into a graveyard on a shared doc.

Try resurrect one if you get stuck.

Set out a shared google drive folder you you can both access assets.

Keep looking at the old work and see what you can do better.

Split out the workload between you and make sure it’s even.

Leave time to polish the campaigns you are happy with and push them even further.

Keep a scamp book.

Put some love into the scamps or they will get forgotten.

RBG all of the projects in your book.

Put some time aside to refine your campaign starter page and see if theres anything you can take out to simplify.

It takes more time to execute and craft than it does to come up with new ideas so craft earlier not later.

Going over old things and looking at them in a different way.

Send your work to your parents.

If they say its really good they are lying, send it to a semi close friend.

If they say it’s really good it either is good or I’m not sure who you can trust.

Re plan your time half way through the week.

Try and read a few pages of a book before sleep even if you don’t like reading. It makes you feel clever.

Re assess the tasks you have done and make sure you’re tracking your progress.

Avoid procrastination.

Keep your screen in sight of your partner so they can see if you are on youtube.

Tell your partner/yourself to slap you if they catch you.

Prepare lunch so you don’t have to leave the studio to get food. (Saves you money as well)

Buy your food to cook dinner for the week so you don’t have to go to the shops on the way home every day.

Don’t drink too much coffee or you will be on edge when you get home.

Don’t work too late or you’ll ruin the first half of the next day.

Every hour past midnight is 2hrs affected the next day.

Keep a drink by your bed.

Don’t forget to set your alarm


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