Favourite Advertising Campaign/Communication and Why – By SCA Intake 12

Favourite Advertising Campaign/Communication and Why 

(In a Few Lines)

Roxi: “You can’t have a Rainbow without Water” (2020) for WaterAid by Don’t Panic.

Using the symbol of hope in lockdown, a rainbow, to communicate lack of available water in third world countries as just a white chalk outline was a stroke of genius.

Eloise:  Virgin Media, “Be The Fastest”

In 2016, Virgin Media showcased their “Be The Fastest” Campaign featuring Usain Bolt. Not only was the ad entirely in tune with the company’s updated broadband packages, they also creatively incorporated a live event which involved a 100 metre LED screen travelling on the Thames- active, cool, eye-catching. The ad itself covers Usain Bolt’s record time for the 100m sprint: 9:58seconds- captivating, heart racing. Watch it. You’ll see what I mean. Most of all, it’s empowering. Be The Fastest. Be the best.

Gwen : Volkswagen, “Les autres” (2019), by DDB Paris. 

Two words could easily sum up this ad : Strong insights. But also : Genius diversity. Warm nostalgia. Right in the moment. Caring copywriting. Spot-on art direction. Real life. 

French version : 

Its english translation :

Gaby Grant

Bodyform #Wombstories (2020) AMVBBDO

This was the first advert that I watched  that actually made me want to go into advertisement. There is so much talent evident in its creative direction and storytelling. I love that it made me want to cry, laugh and dance all at the same time. I want to make adverts that make people feel the same way. 

Mercedes: Lemon&Nothing. (in spanish: Limón&Nada)

This lemonade has lemon and nothing else, just lemon. Simple. We don’t enjoy simple things anymore, we don’t value nature anymore, and our kids and new generations are following same values. They ask Santa for Christmas expensive gifts and they just want tablets, iPhones and videogames. The idea: A series of simple toys for Christmas for the kids. A stick, a stone and a carton box. Let’s make our kids to enjoy simple things again. No technology. The viral TV ad : “ES UN PALOOOOOOOO! GRACIAS!!!” (In English:  IT’S A STIIIICK!!!! THANK YOUUUU!”) 

Beck:Lamp’ (2002) for IKEA by Crispin Porter + Bogusky: 

Watch it and let me know what you think.

Also bonus clip where they did a 2018 version as well is below: 

Freddie: ‘The Cog’ (2003) for Honda by Wieden + Kennedy

Spellbinding to watch. Inextricably linked to the Honda brand by being made out of one. The soundtrack shouldn’t work but somehow it does… it IS nice when things just work.

Luke: A Vodka Movie Parts 1-3 by Zack Galifinakis, Tim & Eric – Absolut Vodka

I could type out a massive blurb but I’ll let the YouTube description speak for itself….

I think very few brands would have the guts to let 3 comedians take the piss out of their product for a 15ish minute long webmovie which basically has as little to do with the product as possible. 

Conor: The marmite neglect ad ~ adamandeve

Completely tongue and cheek ad which paid homage to RSPCA adverts except with a team of rescuers saving neglected jars of marmite from houses. Camera work was great as was the acting and Its subsequent Ban only adds to its brilliance.

Nancy: Haribo Starmix, ‘Interrogation’ Advert, 2008, Quiet Storm 

Stuck with me for more than ten years now. Extremely successful portrayal of Haribo’s voice. Very relatable and never ceases to crack me up.

Florrie: Anchor, ‘The Cafe’, ‘Butter the Food, Butter the Mood’, 2019, Engine

Associates Anchor with fun and joy and brings a smile to your face. Combines elements of film, collage and animation. Recommend watching the ‘Making of’ film to see production and post-production.

Jack Walsh: Nike Scorpion (2002)

The advert features trios of world famous footballers playing inside the bowels of a ship. Directed by Terry Gilliam and ‘refereed’ by Eric Cantona, it’s a visual feast that still looks fresh and exciting today. 

Alice – Lynx, Because You Never Know When (2004)

Having been shown this in class for the first time literally 4 days ago, it blew all of my past favourites out of the water. Sweet, sexy, and not a drop of sleaze: everything you want from an aftershave ad. Big pants and an adorable acoustic rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow do nothing to dull the heat.

Flo Russell :  Irn Bru, The Snowman by The Leith Agency

Move over John Lewis, THIS is the most iconic Christmas Ad. A parody song, with such clever comedic lyrics, it somehow manages to foster a sense of national pride in a soft drink. Outstanding. 

Edzai Soper: 

Pretty much all of Skittles adverts for the past few decade. So absurd yet so memorable, this risky campaign has won a place in my heart and that of many others. Here’s one a their more controversial 30-second spots:

Tad:  Three, #phonesaregood, Wieden and Kennedy (2018). 

The luddite assertion that ‘technology = bad’ is a bit tiresome isn’t it? These ads geniusly subvert that. By SCA alumni Tom+Tom and one of the reasons I now study at the school. 

Marie : Acqua di Gio, Giorgio Armani, by Bruce Weber (2012)

My version of a high-school crush in an ad, a tad superficial – still gets me emotional. But as the only ad that ever got me running to the TV, that must count for something.

John: ‘For the Players Since 1995’ for Sony Playstation, Manning Gottlieb OMD (2013)

Rarely does an advert touch me on a personal and sentimental level. Growing up with a video game console as your best friend sounds a bit sad when I think about it but I watch this and feel affection for a simpler time, and yearn for that escapism into a cathode ray box again. The nostalgia impact of this piece is strong but subtle. Every cultural artefact throughout the shifting generational tastes shows pinpoint accuracy, from the style of the strewn Dominos pizza box of the mid 90s to the Alt-J concert poster of 2013 (based on the release date of the PS4). It solidifies its place in our lives, and justifies its future purchase; it’s always been there and always should be. 

Vicky: Publicis London, Plenty: introducing Juan Sheet, April 2010

10 years later and I simply cannot ask someone to pass me some kitchen roll without silently muttering “1 sheet does plenty”.


The Holidays are coming (Christmas Caravans) W. B. Doner

This advert is Christmas to me. When I was littler, seeing this for the first time, everything that i had known and embodied about Christmas was this. I am 27 years young and when i  see this advert i see it through the eyes of littler me. They made christmas for me. Plus Santa Claus was green prior to them turning him red. 1 of 2 ads that drew me into advertising. 


My favourite ads growing up were the specsavers ones. They are simple, unexpected and memorable. I love that they play off/exaggerate an everyday truth, always a great source of humour and entertainment. 


It’s one of the few ads that made me seek it out and made me laugh. It’s meta. It’s clever. It’s everything an ad can ever hope to be. 

Gareth: The Forest/Metz Juddermann by HHCL & Partners (2000)

I was ten years old when this ad came out, and it made a huge impact on me, as it is truly scary. Even now it still has the power to give me the creeps, but I love it. Selling an alcopop as dangerous made it sexy, and was a fresh approach not seen in ads at the time. Sleep well, kids.

Holly: Lurpak: Lurpak Rainbow by Wieden + Kennedy (2012)

Lurpak’s ’healthy doesn’t have to be humdrum’ sentiment has set the brand’s tone of voice for the 21st century, and lead a campaign that’s lasted a decade. It’s allowed Lurpak to stand out in a crowded category – none of the cliches about calorie counting and lighter days. It’s silly, while inspiring serious cooking. It embraces mess and kitchen failure, while reeling through delicious, dynamic imagery of food. It’s the continued series and spin-offs that’s inspiring, lasting beyond this one ad.


Matt: Smirnoff Ice – Best Serve Chilled at The Jazz Bar Montreux – J. Walter Thompson – 2005

I’m not saying this is the best advert ever made, but a slick piece of art direction and sharp brand positioning that stuck with me. What? Sugary alcopop popular with under-age drinkers by the swings in the park? Or a fine heritage spirit enjoyed at the Swiss Bar Montreux? It stylishly subverts the packshot to mimic piano keys and elevates Smirnoff Ice by aligning it with one of the coolest inventions: Jazz. 


C’est simple. Anything Wieden + Kennedy have done for Nike. 

Why? Because they actually present their brand as one which genuinely gives a shit about the black people whose culture they share, not just profit off of, and they prove it in their non-tone-deaf work  🙂 Asides from that, their absolutely precise and accurate attention to detail, especially in the copy/scriptwriting and the creative direction. Exceptional dedication to the craft. I am constantly in awe of their magic. They are the witches and wizards of advertising and EACH time I watch an ad by them, I honestly cannot wait to make lots of magic with them when I get offered a place there (speaking into existence… of attracting etc!)

Watch this and tell me that they didn’t make 

Mike: “Legend” 

Created for the New Zealand Transport Agency by Clemenger BBDO, this anti-drink driving campaign sidestepped the obvious approach and instead used humour to great effect.  The result is an ad that plays like a short film that’s funny, unexpected, connects with the audience it was made for and carries a great message: “stop a mate from driving drunk”.  Also, there are some hilarious lines it in, “You know I can’t grab your ghost chips.”  

Jake: Marmite mind control: you love it

At the moment it’s adam&eveDDB’s campaign for Marmite, introducing their new peanut butter range. A few Friday nights ago I was sunken into the sofa watching trashy tv, tired and drunk eating a chicken shawarma off my chest, eyes barely open. Suddenly the TV literally hypnotised me and told me I love marmites new peanut butter. I haven’t forgotten about it. Maybe I’ll even get back into peanut butter again. And when I do I’ll actually have no choice not to get marmite-branded peanut butter.

I respect the no nonsense tactics, and it just makes sense to take that route at 3 in the morning to be honest.

Samson : IKEA – Let’s Relax

This ad reminds you of how important spending time with family is, thanks to IKEA. 

You only see the whole picture in the last 5s and understand the message that the creatives from Acne Stockholm are sending. 

Jane B – McDonald’s Night Workers by Leo Burnett (2020)

Looking at the top comments for this video really sums up what this piece is about, noticing and appreciating the invisible world of night workers. Visually it captures the concept so simply and dramatically. The message is extremely hopeful and emotionally charged which communicates that even if unseen, their hard work is being recognised. O and the soundtrack compliments it perfectly! 

Osagie: Nike – Nothing Beats a Londoner (Wieden & Kennedy, 2018)

In West London, born and raised, in the playground was where I spent most of my days… And this ad takes me back to that time – playing football on a decaying astroturf or battered concrete pitch in a game of two four-hour halves.

It captures the melting pot that is London with a sense of humour, a great soundtrack, and an authenticity that makes heroes of inner-city London kids that are either invisible – or depicted as antagonists – in the mainstream media.

And of course it won a ton of awards and was really effective

It’s a shame a trademark dispute with an indie sportswear company that got this campaign pulled, it’s a future classic. Scratch that, it’s classic already.

Alek: Cadbury – Gorilla – Fallon London
Okay, I guess I’ll be the one to shamelessly admit I love this whole campaign by Fallon. Seamlessly moving Cadbury away from the pre Coronation Street advert to a true viral sensation – In turn growing its demographic wildly and cementing its place as the fun chocolate. It’s silly and never fails to make me smile.
Sidenote, my dad plays the drums and looks suspiciously like the gorilla. So go figure.

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