From Point A to SCA – By @BeaaaBergman

Bea Bergman

By Bea Bergman


From Point A to SCA


Today I had a massive reminder of why I’m at SCA, and how amazingly different we all are in coup. We had the pleasure of having a master class by Mr Shekhar Deshpande from J. Walter Thompson about strategy this morning, which is what started off this train of thoughts today.

We all have our own strategy how to get from point A to point B. Even if we’re all under the same agency name and school, our strategies are all so different from one and other.

A strategy for a person as well as a brand is a unique thing, and there’s no such thing as a right or wrong strategy. However, there’s some strategies that are more successful than others. This got me thinking of my own strategy, which later was asked to be written down on a piece of paper.

It was when we first shared each other’s life strategies that I truly realised how different we all are, and how great that is.
I will share what I wrote on my piece of paper here:

My strategy in life is to learn how to push my comfort zone to the limit.
In order for me to break all barriers that are holding me back from being successful.
I’m trying to do so by everyday proving to myself that I am capable of change and have the will power to become better every day.

There were definitely some of the other students that had similar strategies but they were in general all very unique. So I couldn’t help but wonder, if some strategies are less successful than others, how do you know that your one is a good one? Because no one will be able to tell you, when it most likely will only ever fit you and your personality.

Which brings me to this afternoon when we had the first interview day at the school for next years intake. New people, with their own unique life strategies fighting to get into our amazing school. It brought me back to my own interview day, and how terrified, curious and nervous I was.

It got me thinking, was my life strategy the same back then?

During the q&a the newbies got to ask us at coup anything they wanted to know about the school, the same way we all got to ask mosh the year before. It was during that hour I got the answers to all of my questions that I had had during the day.

First of all, a strategy can’t be unsuccessful when it’s truly the right one for you. Because then you will really follow it with heart and soul and it will end up creating the right way for you. That’s what’s so great about a well tailored personal strategy. Finding it might take time, and you might have to go through a period of trying strategies that are wrong for you, but if that’s what you need to do to find the right one, then do so because it will be worth it.

Second of all my strategy was definitely the same when I was at my interview day as it is today, perhaps not as well defined, but look where it got me so far, I got in to SCA! We all got in to SCA, not for having the most successful life strategy or the same strategy as everyone else that got into SCA before us, but for having the one that is the right one for us. That’s what’s great with SCA, we’re really not the same in coup, and we are nothing like the people in mosh or bark etc.

We are individuals, that all bring a very new and exciting perspective to the advertising table.

So my advice to anyone dreaming of going to SCA, is get your life strategy right for you. Don’t get it right for your mum, or your friends. Get it right for you. Because when it’s truly right, you’ll feel it in your heart and Marc will somehow see it on your interview day. That’s how I got my place here, and that’s how I’ll will continue claiming my place in ‘the real world’.


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