Game of Thrones at SCA – by @1CuriousGiraffe

Nina Beyers

By Nina Beyers


Game of Thrones at SCA

As I’m sitting here reflecting on the week for a SCAB and debating watching Game of Thrones, I’m struck with the similarity between the fantasy world of Westeros and the Kingdom of SCA.

Marc Lewis, of course, authored our bizarre and convoluted plot. It’s filled with mystery, amusement and the casual throw in of mind games.

Lord Eytan and Lady Marcella have recently joined forces after a stint away and are triumphing the Duel of Thumbs Ups.

Whilst Clarissa and Georgia, Queens of dragon briefs trek across the plains of Ad Land, facing fearsome book crits.

When the Gods made Adam and Steve, they bestowed strange knowledge of the Ball of Foot which puzzles the neighbouring inhabitants of Danish city, Sharlie.

As a group, we ward off the Watford Wildings over the Wall, with feisty Ayra Lucy Stark defending our territory whilst Lord Edward sings them deafness.

Tyrion Lawrence is best known for his sharp tongue especially when pitching to agency creatures, with his sidekick Knight Nathan in tow.

At the Market House Tavern, where duo Fraz-edy usually frequent, we drink to our triumphs and sorrows, usually Ale or Mojito goblets.

Jon Snow (aka Ash) travelled down from the blistering North to engage in fierce portfolio combats with Lord Morgan.

Princesses Elin and Fiona weep after sacrificing their campaign babies as Pugh chuckles into his coffee chalice.

Whilst the French realm of Jezzwina is filled with tobacco smoke and other suspicious herbal substances.

Joelene, a wise monk sits in the western corner, bestowing his wisdom of grilled cheese sandwiches and a far away land named Zealand of the New.

Ladies Jacqui and Annie and Duke Mads recently celebrated their creative matrimony thus keeping the northern corner under control.

And a mention to all the other loyal members of the Knights Watch who protect us from the White Walkers of Media Impressions.

The Game of Thrones for a job is now quilled into a ratings system. As we plot tactics it’s all up in the air, teams climbing up the ladder and others failing to retain their reign.

But despite the battles we’re all part of the same, albeit disjointed, family tree and I don’t want the season to end.

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