Getting myself in the starting blocks.

By Gary Gerardy



Getting myself in the starting blocks.

Yesterday was my last day at the agency where I was working for a month. It is actually the place (Dentsu Aegis Network) where I did my end of master internship 2 month before. Such a great atmosphere and nice people but it was time for me to say goodbye and prepare myself for the next challenge. Therefore I can now finally fully focus on my next journey. Regarding all the pre party work I think it is not too soon. Indeed between a myriad of inspirational books still arriving at home one by one, an unknown video Ill have to clarify on the road during my week off and the writing down of several personal reflections, it looks like we are not kidding out there. Of course I can add to this my thesis defence in September, my life organisation moving to UK and the research of a new fold. But I freaking like it ! It doesn’t scare me, quite the contrary. That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Newness. Improvement. Investment.

I think this is the reason why besides all those imperatives and things to be done this journey appears to me to be particularly deep and rewarding compare others journey I could have been through. I am just referring to an OZ gap year and an Italian Erasmus which were of course fantastic and brought me so much. But when I see all I read about SCA and the people I’m going to meet over there it gives me the impression that this journey is well more than a step ahead the game and that It will bring me (us) further than any previous experience.

So yeah even if I’m not an early bird,  the most steady guy, the best at self organisation and the kind of guy keeping a diary, I’m such curious and excited to kick this off and to be part of the move. Although I have learned recently that an habit doesn’t take long to be shaped so it shouldn’t be a big deal. But before all of this I’m going to take a week trip because I didn’t do shit since my end of internship/Master/Thesis/Job and I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea before such a year! By the way for this trip we wanted to check out if going to the airport without any booking with the idea of exotic destinations at knock-down prices was a legend or not. So tomorrow Ill be on a plane… but hopefully not for a Romanian camping.

Looking forward to meeting you all.

And congrats to the 4 scholarship winners !


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