Ghost Whale & The Gang  (Chapter two. ) – By @j_kburgess

By Jemma Burgess


Ghost Whale & The Gang 

Morning had broken and Zoe and Alex anxiously crept out of bed. Through the thick cloud of smoke from Zoe’s Jull, they looked at each other nervously and knew what they had to do. ‘Gypsy Rob will have the answers’ whimpered Alex. So off they went. 
As they rushed out of the door and down the path they suddenly crashed into Jemma. ‘Whoooooaaaah, watch out’ screamed Jemma, not realising what was happening. ‘ Umm… did you just appear out of nowhere? Where have you just come from?’ questioned Zoe. Jemma looked slightly suspicious as she scrambled to find the right words. ‘I, I, I was just out in the woods… for a walk. Yes. That is what I was doing. I was out in the woods… For a walk’ 
‘Oh, okay’ said Alex reassuringly but with a slight hint of bafflement. ‘It doesn’t matter anyway. we need to find Rob, now!’ 
So all three of them rushed down to their local pub named Gypsy Rob’s Pub and before they knew it, they had bombarded through the doors to find Maddie laying unconscious on the table. ‘ Jesus!’ screeched Alex. ‘Is she okay?’ No one knew what was going on. After closer inspection, they found an empty bottle of Pino Grigio tucked beneath her armpit. ‘ ‘This day just gets weirder and weirder’ 
‘Classic Maddie’ said Jemma. ‘I wonder how she got here?’ Zoe took one gigantic drag from her Jull and raised her left eyebrow as if to say, I have no idea. 
Finally, Rob appeared through what was now one thick encompassing fog from Zoes Jull. ‘Oh hey guys!’ said Rob excitedly. ‘ Joe’s just downstairs brewing some beer’ 
‘He still going with that thing?’ asked Jemma. 
‘Ye, you’d think after 5 years we would at least be able to try a pint’ but Joe’s beer was precious and under no circumstances was anyone allowed to try it before it was ready. ‘What can I do for you guys?’ 
‘ Do you know the story of the Pitman of Dublin!?’ cried Alex.’ Me and Zoe tried to listen to it but the music was barely understandable and it included a lot of spooky old men singing out of tune.’ 
‘ It was quite unsettling’ whispered Zoe. 
Rob cocked his neck back’ Do you mean the legend of the Ghost Quail?’
‘YES!’ screamed Alex ‘ Jemma arranged for an Irish exchange student called Tom to stay.  and we are convinced it’s him. 
‘Dear God it can’t be!’
‘WHAT!?’ screamed everyone in complete utter unison. 
Rob looked terrified ‘This is bad, this is very very bad’
‘What? what is it!?’ muttered Jemma in a fragile and broken voice. 
‘I’ll tell you the legend and then maybe you will understand, but my god this must never ever leave this room’ and with one gigantic puff from Zoes Jull, the story began. 
End of Chapter two.

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