Google – I Love You – By @JacobDeFig

By Jacob de Figueiredo


Google – I Love You

Today was one of those classic SCA days. 

The kind of day you try so hard to tell your mates about because of the profound effect it had on your life, but they just blankly stare into your soul and ask why the hell you’re telling them they’re trying to watch the football, nobody cares. One of those you know. 

But seriously it was a really incredible talk by a really lovely charismatic guy called Graeme Hall who spoke to us about his lucrative career from the day he left advertising school to where he’s managed to end up now but just taking risks. It’s a fully inspiring journey and I was completely mesmerised by his words throughout the entire thing. 

Normally the day before deadline day, I sit with a single leg uncontrollably twitching, bit like it is right now, biting my pen and scribbling truly unreadable notes down in a panicked frenzy wondering if everything will be ok in the end. And this time it really felt like it would be. The worry of the deadline was completely lifted and I felt like I could do anything for about, I’d say, a full hour. This guy had some seriously velvety pipes as he began to pour knowledge down my throat.

 I was truly inspired and proud to work in this industry, I just wanted to get up and do something, wasn’t sure what, I think I ended up going to the toilet but for those brief 5 minutes but after talk ended I felt like I could do anything. A lot of the time I feel like people in advertising justify the corrupt line of work by saying that it creates factories and jobs for people which I don’t disagree with but I think the negatives and the way it’s perceived by the public out way the positives. I justify it to myself by trying to make stuff that makes people laugh, I think that if you’re going to interrupt someone’s day, the least you can do is make them laugh. Graeme had a different way of looking at it, he showed us the true power of creativity and how it can really be used for good and not just for commercial gain. The stuff they’re doing at Google is truly remarkable. It properly ignites childlike wonder in anyway that it touches whether that be for the public or the staff working there. No idea is too big and their ethos seems to be if you can dream it, we’ll do it. The ideas were simple, yet so so potent. Stuff that makes you go, damn why didn’t I think of that. It’s like they have some multibillion dollar sand box and google have said, go play, build what you want. 

Graeme made me think of creativity as a tool for good. I’ve always been a bit worried that my line of work could take a toxic turn, my mentality has been about leaving a positive mark on the world but I lost that a little bit after experience how harsh the world can be. But the talk today as reignited that flame and shown me the true power of creativity and just how long we are to be able to make a difference and maybe even, save a life. 

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