Half Term “break”

I thought I’d share a sneak peak into what my, and I imagine all of the students at SCA’s, last half term looked like. Now that we are on the final straight.

I wrote some SMPS and then I swept the path.

I wrote some SMPS, listened to a podcast and had a little laugh.

I wrote some SMPS and put clothes into the wash.

I wrote some SMPS, I’ve written ten oh my gosh.

Then I wrote some SMPS, my what a shock.

I wrote some SMPS, and went to a boat in a dock.

I wrote some SMPS, this day has gone so fast.

I wrote some SMPS, twenty but not my last.

I wrote some SMPS, they’re not as good as I thought.

I wrote some SMPS, feeling slightly distraught.

I wrote some SMPS, I need to start again.

So, I wrote some SMPS, okay we’re on ten again.

I wrote some SMPS, holy shit it’s Thursday.

I wrote some SMPS, this is not okay.

I wrote some SMPS, and I planted some flowers.

Then I wrote some SMPS, and had a bath not a shower.

Then I wrote some SMPS, I don’t feel like I’ve done enough.

I wrote some SMPS, it didn’t used to be so tough.

I wrote some SMPS, what brands would be good?

I wrote some SMPS, hmm maybe bees would.

I wrote some SMPS, cleaned out my hamster.

I wrote some SMPS, brushed his little fur.

I wrote some SMPS, oh god they are bad again.

I wrote some SMPS, threw them away and started again.

I wrote some SMPS

I wrote some SMPS

I wrote some SMPS

I wrote some SMPS

Then I came back to school.

What a fab half term. I am joking slightly, over half term I did have a bit of fun, filming some comedy sketches, as a deranged dog walker. I also attended a wedding which was beautiful and it was lovely to be around family and friends for the day. I also have started to grow some herbs and veg, I planted some gherkins and I am waiting for them to grow. I think nature is very helpful in a time of stress, seeing a little plant grow makes you and your worries feel less important.

But, even though I was working hard to make some SMPS, when people don’t see them working and they are thrown out; it feels like you did it all for nothing. But, you have got to keep trying and pushing. We only have six weeks left and I want to make the most of my time here. After 7 days of SMPing I think we came out with about 15 good SMPS in our opinion, and maybe 10 (or less) actually good ones. But, we will try again and keep trying and writing and rewriting till we get them bang on.

I hope everyone got a chance to relax over half term and that we’re ready to enjoy these last few weeks together.


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