Having guts will save your life

Jérémy Fonteneau






By @FonteneauJeremy


First pitch at SCA since we started. It happened on last monday.

I came unprepared but I trusted my guts and my idea. I had a piece of paper to follow, it was the script for the presentation that we wanted to make. An emotional and strong presentation. My partner did well. I didn’t. I failed my presentation. And I felt bad at the moment because the only thing I wanted to do at the start was trusting my guts. But I just tried to follow this stupid piece of paper with the right words in it.

It was a good script, a good story. But I was not the right storyteller.

And I looked for what makes me uncomfortable to tell my story. I realize that Don Draper had never used a piece of paper. He just feel it. He bring his audience into his feeling’s travel without saying anything about product, strategy or mandatory. He doesn’t care about that. He cares about what they feel, about their laughs, their tears, he cares about their guts.

So I tried to do it on my own during the following night. I tried to bring non-existent people into my journey with my guts. But I failed again so I kept looking for what have been done the wrong way.

The real problem was my idea. Not my guts. If I had a good idea to pitch, my guts will have been so much powerful. Because I wouldn’t have needed a paper. I wouldn’t have needed a script, even the best script in the world. I would just have said it!  I would have said the story I felt during I was developing the idea. I should have used my guts to handle my creativity. I should have felt something. The thing that I could had broadcast during my 2 minutes pitch.

What killed me was 3 mistakes.

First mistake, you can’t success your pitch by preparing a story which is not yours.

Second one was to look for the first problem that cames in my mind after failing.

The third one, to forget that you can’t get a good work if you don’t enjoy it, if you don’t feel it.

And I’ve learnt something from this. Creativity is mandatory for getting a job, but guts is mandatory for making your life. Creativity will make you a good creative, but guts will make you a human-being.

Is it not everything that our jobs are about after all?

So yeah, believe in your guts, they will save your life!

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