‘Here’s My Card’ by Miranda Di Caraci

Here’s My Card

By Miranda Di Caraci


‘You are not students. You’re out of work creatives.’ – Marc Lewis


This concept has been drilled into us since the beginning of SCA, however, it’s not until recently that we have started to acquire the accouterments you need for a professional life.


The first step has been making business cards, or as I now think of it, a mountain out of a mole hill. The world of business cards is a world of infinite variety.


Gone are the days where the toughest decision you had to make was between parchment and papyrus. Advances in technology mean that those small pieces of card can reflect your personality more than a diary entry.


First there’s the paper, is it ostentatious to go luxe? Or slightly lame not to? Should you have a whimsical coloured edge? What about spot gloss? Do ECDs like a textured card?


It’s always been a fantasy of mine to have cards with gilded edges but I got a firm no from Rollo. Probably for the best. For now.


I should add that these dilemmas are all down the more conventional business card route. A quick flick through Pinterest will reveal all kinds of wacky and wonderful ideas to differentiate you from the masses.


Laser cute, Perspex , a stamp (for business cards any time, any place, as long as you are carrying the huge stamp and ink pad around), wood, little paper bags, a pineapple. The list goes on. My favourite card was for a divorce lawyer who had his details printed twice and a tear down the middle, but I digress.


Now here’s the part I find sticky.


Whatever piece of cardboard / plastic / wood we end up choosing will go on to represent us, and hopefully play a part in coaxing someone into giving us a job. Should they be simple and professional looking? Or have a whimsical wackiness?


For me this question is part of a larger issue. As a young creative team, what is the best way to sell yourself and stand out? Of course it depends on the team but even so the basic dilemma remains.


The same question applies to my and Rollo’s fledgling website. Should it be awash with quirky features or a blank canvas to show our work? I was on a magazine’s website recently where flowers cascade down the page. It looks great but is bloody annoying if you actually want to read anything.


So far we’ve decided to keep everything simple. Though maybe later we will lean towards whimsy. Incidentally there is also something quietly thrilling about buying a domain name (


I think its partly because for the first time I co-own a little nook of the internet. Secondly, it helps you visualize the career you have ahead. We are still at the beginning of our journey, but at least we know the direction in which we’re travelling.

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