Heroes – By @Holly_Georgious

By Holly Georgious




I was just asked who my Hero was. Aside from family members who would have been there first choice my answer was this: 


Theodore he was named

On the day he was born

But changed it to something a little less norm (al) He changed it for reasons I can’t understand

But matter it not to a reasonable man.

And who Is this person I speak off you ask?

Well it’s Dr. Suess she said with a gasp. Pronounced Zovice, it originally was

But he decided on something a little more odd.

And why pick him I hear you say?

Well the answer to that is not so far away

There are three simple reasons don’t you see, but far more there could easily be

He was honest to start,

Brave right through to the heart,

And never one to shy away

From all the injustices faced in his day,

He wrote about things that others dare not

Like racism, wars and political rot

He wrote about kindness, 

He wrote about love, 

He wrote about loss and what lies above.

But there was more to him than sweet little simple lines, so let’s see what else he stands for in my eyes

My second reason for picking Suess

Is something that we have felt too

And although all these things may seem rather strange

His weapon of choice was a little more rash

A pen he used to strike the first match

A pen he used to write away,

About things that others dare not

To say he wrote of things that many did not

Like racism, war and political nots

He spoke his truth he, never lied

and scared was not something he’d hide behind

The second reason I picked this man

Is something we can all understand

‘Persistence’ he said is the key

Persistence and the world will be yours

You’ll achieve all you want and will never be bored.


Never give up and or give in to the NO’s because sometimes it is only you that knows

And now we come to number 3

The final reason which will make you happy to note

But just to warn you this one ends in a quote

The third and final reasons I picked Suess today

Is because he taught us is us and that’s ok

He taught us not to hide away

So whether you’re loud and proud, or kooky or cool, or wild and crazy, or just an old fool

Or different here and special there, or even whether you’re in love with that chair.

You is you and that’s the best. No one else will pass that test.

So now I’ll end this slightly annoying little rhyme with a recap as to why Suess is my guy

He’s honest, he’s brave, he’s persistent and bold he won’t give up or give in to the nos. He is him and he tells you to be you and he has left a legacy of telling us to be us too.

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