Hi Stranger @leavaude

By Léa Vaudé

This year a video became viral, it was a few month ago. A little man in modeled pastry addresses us directly by looking into our eyes and beginning to say “Hi Stranger”, then as the little man is lying naked on his belly, with a prominent posterior, he asserts that it’s ok if we look at his but. In a purified decor and music floating in the background, he begins a monologue with philosophical consonances, to invite us to be less harsh with us, and to simply enjoy life by letting go.

The video:
Everyone reacts to this little man, some will say that he is creepy, others will

say that after watching him, they feel calmer. But no one’s going to be marble.

There is a simple idea behind this project, but it works so well.

It nearly became a meme and on Facebook, we could saw the video shared by funny pages saying « tag someone and say nothing », like a normal meme, but people were not reacting in their usual way.
Some were uncomfortable watching this, but most of them wanted to believe this little-naked guy with a nice but. And this dimension where everything is so simple is really attractive. It’s kind of philosophic but in a really simple way.

It only lasts less than 3 minutes but I felt like it’s a break in my busy day and I want to listen to him because it’s true I don’t take time to think about what’s essential sometimes. I can be upset when I realize that I reacted wrongly, that I did not behave in the right way when I said the wrong thing at the wrong time. It’s an unpleasant feeling when you feel that you’re inadequate. The world of work can be like that and we can run into people who will never try to understand you or help you at any time.

In this modern world we all build our own facades and shells, we have to be tough and face the day and interact with people who don’t have a clue what’s going on in our lives and it may be hard at some point because we are not allowed to fold or to be weak.

I think this video is a good reminder that finally, you are ok, no matter what.

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