HOW TO START A CULT – By @eandertonallen

Beth Anderton-Allen

By Beth Anderton-Allen




Earlier this week in John Griffiths’ first master class, he suggested that we should all try and start a cult as cults are a great way of bringing people together. Yes – I know what you are thinking I don’t want to have to move to an isolated farm in the middle of nowhere and have to impose some sort of self-censorship. But cults are actually just a really interesting way of organising people to do something that they enjoy and are passionate about. To be honest most brands are cults – If you think about it, all of us stare at our iPhones everyday conforming to Apples ideology of life. They don’t just sell a product, they sell a lifestyle.

So how do we start a cult?

Step 1: Pick an obsession – A subject or activity that you can be passionate about and that will benefit others. So we could all start a cult about advertising, but to make it a little more interesting let’s start a cult based around Marc’s marvellous collection of eccentric trousers. Marc’s trousers have the potential to change lives for the better, if he wasn’t wearing them he wouldn’t be him and then well…. we wouldn’t be learning about how to make great advertising and creating value in the world.

Step 2: Learn about your subject – We must then learn as much as possible about Marc’s trousers, because if we are going to throw the term cult around the place, we should know about our subject. This also reinforces the fact that we need to know about the history of advertising. KNOW WHERE YOU COME FROM!

Step 3: Forming a group – We must then choose a leader. John said we should model the behaviour you expect from the centre and then as a leader, head to the edge of the group.

Step 4: Establish the rules.
Example rule 1: Everyone must purchase a pair of trousers or even knit their own to show

commitment to the cult.

Example rule 2: All members of the cult must install curtains or blinds made out of the same textile prints as Marc’s trouser’s into their homes.

Step 5: Find a place of worship – this can be SCA.
Step 6: Come up with a slogan – I will leave this up to the copywriters.

Step 7: Start adding people to the cult – tell people about the concept and obsession that we have decided to shape our lives around. This will help the numbers grow.

Step 8: Become Cultish – If you’re going to be a fully fledged member there can’t be any messing around wearing other trousers or worshiping anything else.

After writing this…on reflection – It’s almost like SCA itself is a little cult. A group of like-minded people trying to inspire and create value within the world.

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