I am writing this scab from the pub @EvaMenovsky

I am writing this scab from the pub, Markets house because this is the most inspirational place I’ve ever visited… besides the actual SCA building.
It’s a place where people come together to stand in rows for long lost drinks of tropical places. It’s a place where people come to dodge cars – don’t stand in the road!
Rain is falling on top of the cigarets we just lighted. Our umbrellas are coming out of our pockets while we slowly are taking our third drink…makes me think… about our first week…
“Hard work beats talent”
I’ve heard that somewhere before…
Not sure where. Anyway, I’ve wandered. Our first week. What have we learned?The first day, we mostly learned about the school. What we can expect, what we can’t do and why we are here. We got the feeling of how it was to be a SCA “student” (more of a creator out of work). It was scary in the beginning, well actually the whole day I shitted my pants, but everyone was so kind and so involved that the day after everything already felt comfortable.
The second day, we did mediation, poetry and improvisation. It gave us a chance to get out of our comfort zone and we already started to feel like we could be ourselves. We also talked about creativity.

“Creativity is the expression of an original idea that adds value”

It was interesting to see, how everybody thought of creativity differently. Discussions were started. Questions like, what is an original idea? Came up.

The third day we went to agencies. My group went to Tribal and CP+B.
Tribal is a very digital agencies, which honestly scared me a little. Is this what the future is going to look like?! I just get all crimped up inside with the idea of “robots” controlling us… I really liked CP+B, they are much more genius creators than of part of an agency. They make their own stuff, which involve issues in the world. Like a soap in the shape of a boob, which reminds women to get their breasts checked because there might be something wrong! The atmosphere was also really good! We didn’t have to be so nervous about asking the right questions. Rather it was a place where you could be your (professional) self. We got a beer after.

The fourth day (today), we started with a master class of brand statement. I hadn’t really thought of how different kinds of things could influence how we choose a brand. After we did some mug painting, and we had to design t-shirts for somebody else. I really loved today!

I was bonding with (new) people and it started to feel more like a family. We already do things for people we barely know. Because we all have to do the same shit and go through it together.

“Your first book is going to be shit. Fucking shit.”
~ Stu CCO Creature

The quicker we realize this the better. The quicker we get out there the quicker we learn.

New motto:
Leave your expectations at the door

I just to be afraid of failure, that something wasn’t good enough or pretty enough or weird enough. But I think all of us should think about what failure means. We all believe that failure means not succeeding in something but SCA is changing its meaning. At SCA failure means not trying hard enough.

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