I Don’t Like Writing (by a “Copywriter”)

I’m really not enjoying this.

Typing each letter.

Forming words.

Words forming sentences; sentences paragraphs.

Trying to be clever amid all this tedious bullshit.

It’s so dull.

I’m really bored.

I’m supposed to enjoy this?

I think I’m technically a copywriter.

‘Art Director’ is such a cool title, but I can’t do that for shit.

‘Copywriter’ is so boring, but I think I have to be one.

I like making ads.

Coming up with ideas is really fun. I want my title to be Idea-er.

I mean I can give the AD a cheeky endline or headline, sure.

I usually come up with them while I’m on the toilet and then they’ll spend hours making the 5 words look beautiful.

Is that writing?

I guess that’s writing?

But I don’t want to write write.

And people don’t want to read read.

Writing and reading are both really boring.

I hate writing so much that having to write 500 words could potentially be considered torture.

So I’ll stop right here before I get lawyers involved.


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