I JUST CAN’T STOP – By @aleks_atn

By Aleksandra Atanasovski



Well well, I’ve decided to write a scab about English gastronomy! How do I explain that two months ago, my boyfriend wrote a scab about how much weight he’d gained and to tell you the truth, I think I’m the reason he’s put on so much weight.


I’ll be honest, it’s food and cider. But mostly food. I’ve never eaten so much in my life, since being with him. I’m eating more and more every single day.


When I find myself working late nights with Jacob we both seek comfort in the delicious greasy treats that Brixton has to offer us. Sneaking out into the night and feasting on cuisine from across the globe. When we eat together the stress of my work gets lifted as we talk about our day.  So maybe it’s not that bad. We all have our escapes and ours is food at the moment. It brings us closer together and makes the work load easier.


But the fact is that it’s hard to stop, when you live this way of life, you just don’t know what to do. Before I met him I was going to the gym, and I had ABS!!!!! But now it’s just something that’s been lost in time, I can’t even remember how they look.


So this scab is an urgent call for all you readers out there. I need you to help me to stop eating, because I can’t ask him, he’s in the same position as me.


I hope I’ll develop some new habits after SCA. Because it’s easy to slip into bad ones during the year and it’s really hard to stop. The routine sucks you in and work has priority over most things.


The more I go home to France, the more my dad notices that I’ve become bigger. He said to me the last time he saw me «  now I understand why you’re spending so much money on food ». Really nice, it was the first sentence I heard when he saw me at the airport. Thanks dad.


But I can feel some hope. I know I’m not going to be eating bad food forever. Am I?


Of course I want to change.


So for my last scab, in two weeks, I’m going to try to eat more greens. Try to drink water instead of constantly eating chocolate. Try to change my dinner from being chicken and potato.


And I will try to say no to the dates in restaurants, and ask him to go for a run.

(I won’t ever go for a run).


Hopefully something will happen and hopefully I won’t be so greedy.


Let’s see.


Aleks x


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