I love you, he said, walking away from me, by @YOxSHOSHO

Sokaina Aliouate

By Sokaina Aliouate


I love you, he said, walking away from me.

12 P M
I head back to the office, I
take a quick glance back, I see him slowly fading away into the crowd. And I feel anxious.
Someone just brushed passed me.
I h
ate that.
We are to meet at 9PM, at that restaurant we tried out last week, just around the corner from his work.
think I’m just going to take the train to Tubman station and walk from there, it takes longer,
but it’s easier.
I’ll just leave work a little earlier.
Hopefully I won’t have to be dragged in to that meeting they’re having with Matt
and David later.
They ask the most stupid questions.
No, I’ll just try to look really busy if they come by looking for me.
I can’t forget, I have to ask for those transponders that need for tomorrow.
Reminds me, I have to bring those workstations to Karen..
– Karen!
I’m hungry, should I get something to eat though? I’m meeting him in a few
I’ll slip out around 7
I’ll have some time before, to buy those magazines he wanted. Should I go to AKauf or SISCHY to get them
SISCHY, then I could also buy that wine we drank last time.
Oscar is coming..please don’t talk to me, please.
I never have anything to say to him…please.
Okay, David distracted him.
Hi Oscar!
I forgot I’m meeting Lou, before dinner.
I’m really in no mood.
I don’t know why I’m doing this.
That was then.
Now.. is just not then.
I know now. Why I didn’t want to come. What you make me see.
Even the mayfly, as if mocking desolate me, flies far far away. But you stay.
Before you, love was a thing that occurred only between other people.
So my heart never had a reason to flutter.
It would’ve been better for me not to have seen.
You made me remember you again.
And I hate you for that.
I left.
Damn, I missed my dinner date with him.

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