I missed school – By @aleks_atn

By Aleksandra Atanasovski


I missed school


I wanted to do this SCAB on my return from holidays, as I feel like it’d be the best way to close them off. 


As a matter of fact, I‘ve spent the last month exploring and adventuring myself in the beautiful Turkish landscape, the home of the most fascinating and powerful empires the world has ever known. These glorious times remain today embodied by the magnificent architecture, each sculpture telling a different story. 

For instance, « Pamukkale » was absolutely outstanding. The so-called 8th wonder of the world is actually a natural site composed of hot springs that flows from the bowels of the mountain. I’ve also visited ruins of the old Greek civilisation, and especially the Aspendos theather, the most beautiful and biggest one in the world. 


This year I decided to go for a last minute thing, as I wasn’t quite sure where to go. I actually fell for turkey, as I wanted to visit these archeological sites and feed my knowledge. Walking there, I felt the incredible story hiding under my feets. I passed by columns, stone walls, white marble and under a stifling heat. Step by step, I was discovering an authentic and marvellous landscape, the best place to leave our imagination run wild. 


When talking about my August, I can’t help thinking about both my trips to Serbia and Macedonia, dedicated to family, and some binge watching hours spent on « 13 reasons why », Netflix’s new best seller. To be honest, I’ve never felt like I had some holidays or some rest. Either discovering Turkey or spending my nights watching 13 reasons why, i actually didn’t have much time for sleep. You know that feeling, you just started a new series and you just never get enough of it, your eyes sting and you go like« It’s the last one ». That’s how it worked for two weeks ( and same thing with my diet but this time all year around).


Far from the Parisian pressure, I tried to cut off as much as possible from my phone but well, impossible. A failure, I admit. Its was a failure almost as big as my « body summer diet ».


Once back from Turkey (and after finishing off the very last season of my series), it’s with an incredible haste that I’m waiting for the return of school, and the beginning of this brand new chapter in London. A slight frustration was starting to catch me, to be in a constant calm, with no panic beginning to seem strange to me ;  to be honest, I missed school. »


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