I Remember Three to Ten – By @gabygrant_

I Remember Three to Ten

I remember rich tea biscuits, Ribena in a pink chewed beaker and watching Thumbalina in Borehamwood 

I remember pulling worms out the soil at Woodberry Way and laying them across my face

I remember dressing up Daniel as princess Jasmine and Mamá hating it 

I remember Helen and how her little sister always stunk of poo 

I remember pretending to have watched Pokémon just so that Lizzy thought I was cool 

I remember playing kissy chance and Ryan cornering me against the side gate

I remember when Ryan kissed me out of nowhere in gym class 

I remember strawberry jam and butter sandwiches, toasted on wholemeal bread with the crusts cut off 

I remember Tracey Beaker, Arthur, Mona the Vampire and Woody Wood Pecker 

I remember shampoo and egg potions 

I remember playing and playing and playing and playing

I remember playing with my dolls in the bathroom, all of them naked

I remember convincing my little brother to do a poo on a leaf whilst we were at a family friends house

I remember making perfume out of Bugambilia and everyone getting a rash

I remember secretly watching Shipwrecked on the telly in the attic 

I remember when Imogen spilt nail polish on my carpet and I thought she was the worst friend ever 

I remember Daniel shoving the Sleeping Beauty DVD in between the floor boards as revenge to me throwing his ugly doll onto the conservatory roof 

I remember watching Barbie in the Nutcracker about a million times 

I remember bubble beards and moustaches 

I remember crying and crying and crying at the top of the stairs when my Mum said we were moving house 

I remember pulling my tooth out when trying to cut a piece of Sellotape with my teeth 

I remember wobbling my tooth backwards and forwards, forwards and backwards 

I remember the space between the bushes at the back of the garden that felt like my wonderland and never going in again after the builders used it as their toilet for a year 

I remember Max shooting paint bullets at us from his paint gun 

I remember Max was older and cool 

I remember summer fates and butterfly face painting

I remember a boy telling me he could see the Eiffel Tower, referring to my knickers that had little Eiffel Tower’s on them at camp Beaumont 

I remember lentil soup 

I remember Tintin and him licking your legs constantly 

I remember my Nana putting tequila on my bites to relieve the itch 

I remember Daniel C showing me his willy when I was crying after he accidently hit me in the face with a football 

I remember wishing and wishing and wishing for my first kiss 

I remember my hands and feet going tingly whenever anyone would kiss on screen 

I remember flour babies 

I remember our teacher crying in the middle of a belly dancing class because someone had written ‘I hate Esen in the toilet’ 

I remember bringing in my Gorilla to school with my Dads underpants on 

I remember when Alex and Oscar had a willy fight on the table 

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