I think I’m a solo creative – By @TLarthe



I think I’m a solo creative

Hi everybody, today I wanted to talk about some thoughts I had about me and my career. I hope by doing this some of you will recognize themselves through my words or will understand better my way of working.

I’ve been studying art direction for now 2 and a half years, and I never found someone I could be in a team with. 

WHY ? (this is the most interesting question.)

Maybe because I’m an egoist:

I’m a careerist with a globetrotter spirit and an ego bigger than Marc’s one. Being on a team requires making decisions together, if one of the members doesn’t want to move somewhere, the other one is «blocked.» 

Maybe because I’m lazy:

Yeah, I don’t believe in Hard working (sorry Marc), I’m a « lazy » guy that don’t like loosing time. In fact I’m a Smart Worker, I optimize everything I do. What is the deference between an hard worker and a smart worker:

The hard worker spends a lot of time doing a lot of things, and the smart one spends the right amount of time doing the right things. So finally Work Smart > Work hard.

Maybe I just didn’t find the perfect teammate:

It’s difficult to find someone that understand your creativity, who has the same aspirations and the same « niaque ». A person with whom you are in creative symbiosis. It’s more difficult to find a creative partner than a soulmate.

Or maybe I’m just a solo creative:

Since my childhood, I have always loved being lonely. Every two years my family and I moved from a country to another and I never really had time to make real friends. Due to this and some bad experiences, my trust in people has decreased, and my self-confidence increased. As you have seen from the «Egoist part», for me being lonely and having no attachments it’s being free. I’m too young to have attachments and have a “restricted” life. 

As somebody told me «keep going, nobody gonna wait for you».

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