I’m currently in hospital – By @j_kburgess

By Jemma Burgess


I’m currently in hospital


I’ve been working at a hospital since I was sixteen. That’s 8 years now. I haven’t actually ever worked there permanently as for the majority of time I’ve been in education. The jobs seen me through summer holidays, Christmas, New Year’s Day ( the absolute worst ) and weekends. For most of the time I’ve just worked weekends. This used to be great when I was 16/17 because I’d go out out on Saturday night and no one would know that I was hungover when I turned up at 8 am the next day. I also didn’t get hungover back then so it was a win win for me. Working in a hospital on a Sunday is also double pay! Which was nice because as a surgical ward receptionist you don’t really have that much to do. Well not 8 hours worth. I pretty much got most of my A level revision done whilst I was working at the hospital. Those were the good old days. But after 8 years of mindless repetition I can honestly tell you, I’m done. I am so freaking done.


I am so grateful for it. I wouldn’t be able to go to school if it wasn’t for it but it’s time to go. Like really. This chapter has to end. Literally as I’m writing this, someone asked me if I was new. Lol. No Judy I’m not new. I’m old news. I need a job in something I love, that I’m passionate about, that gives me energy to get up in the morning.  And I’m doing that at SCA. It’s incredible. But portfolio day is looming and the thought that I might not get anything from it or after it makes my palms sweaty, knees weak, arms spaghetti ( You know the rest ). We’ve got 5 weeks left so the pressure is on. Anything could happen in that time. I could lose all my work or I could dislocate my leg, again! ( I’ve cut back on the cookies and started weight training so fingers crossed that doesn’t happen). And shit like that always happens when things are going well. It’s like God is just looking at you all happy and content and is just like nahh. Let’s just throw something into the mix to fuck it all up. I think I act quite calm in school but dear lord, Mary, mother of Joseph portfolio day has to go well.


It should be fine though, I mean, Its fine. Everything’s fine.

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