I’m thankful for… – By @MunrajSC

By Munraj Chawla

I’m thankful for… 


We don’t really celebrate thanksgiving here in the U.K. I wonder if we’d all be a little bit nicer to each other if we did. Then again, it hasn’t really worked out for America (sorry Phil), so maybe not. But, it did get me thinking about the things I’m thankful for and, fortuitously, I have a SCAB due soon with no topic to write about so without further ado, here is a list of things I’m thankful for on Thanksgiving 2019: 

    1. Firstly, I’m thankful that I won a scholarship to go to SCA. The insane workload, the lack of sleep, the almost 2 hour commute is all worth it when you can feel yourself improving daily. Plus, the people are alright, I guess. 
    2. I’m thankful that I’ve proven my work ethic to myself. I wish I had worked harder at uni.  I told myself I was a 2:1 student with a social life instead of a 1st class student that had to make sacrifices. But at SCA I’m proud of how hard I’m working and of the growth that’s come with that. 
    3. I’m thankful for my mental health not being shit. Yeah. 
    4. I’m thankful that my asthma is as non-existent as it was before I climbed Mt. Fuji. It took a year to get my lungs back to how they were before Fuji and I’m feeling great about my fitness right now.  
    5. I’m thankful for my girlfriend for putting up with my shit. Obligatory post, send help if you see me blink rapidly. 
    6. I’m thankful that I have a supportive family during the madness of SCA and during what I now refer to as my pre-SCA life. I’m very rarely at home but when my family see the work I produce they big me up as if I’ve won a D&AD Pencil and that’s a great feeling. 
    7. I’m thankful for the friends I have outside of SCA. Sometimes it’s nice to remember that there’s a whole life outside of SCA and having friends who have seen you at your worst is a great way to humble yourself when you’re riding a high from having your topical posted. 
    8. I’m thankful that I’m being given the opportunity to learn how to draw. After my previous SCAB about being an Art Director who can’t draw, I have pushed myself to try and get better at drawing free hand. 


  • I’m thankful for the criticism I receive. The mentors and my friends and family are all really supportive and that’s lovely but I’ve learned to love the (helpful) criticism that I receive more, because it pushes me to become a better creative. 
  • Finally, I’m thankful that I continue to have an optimistic outlook on life. Off the back of criticism it can be really easy to take things personally so I’m really glad I have a thick skin. 


What are you thankful for?

Song of the SCAB: Stormzy – Own It (Feat. Ed Sheeran & Burna Boy)



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