Interview Day Deconstructed

If you’re attending interview day soon, I know you may have had a few restless nights. Since I remember religiously reading as many SCABs about interview day as I could find in the days leading up to the actual event, I decided to add my two cents of what to expect. 

 This list of tips will be told through Britney Spears’ discography, because why wouldn’t it be?

  1. Gimme More 

You had your interview with Marc and he invited you to the interview day. He told you stories of actual wizardry and craft from past interview days. Those left you feeling like you will never do a single interesting thing in your life ever again. The only way to overcome this is to ask yourself “What’s my deal?”. What is that one thing that makes you special? Don’t try and compare yourself to others, because only you can do you. Just spend time coming up with different things that you feel represent your essence and then choose your favourite. Be careful and make sure this is something you will be able to do in the allotted time. Trust me, those 4 minutes feel like 20 seconds when you’re doing it in the studio. Once you take that stage have the confidence with which Britney delivers that iconic opening line: “It’s Britney, bitch”. 

2. Anticipating

Time has passed and you’ve prepared your interview day presentation. You’ve made sure it’s under 4 minutes and you’ve triple-checked you have everything you need. You’re tingling with anticipation the night before. Hopefully, you got some rest and followed it up with a rich breakfast. The walk towards the school is the worst moment probably, the feeling of dread rises as you walk towards the church and then struggle to find the actual entrance. All the nervousness disappears as soon as you enter the studio and see all of the friendly faces in the studio. We’ve all been through it and we want everyone to do well. 

3. Circus 

“There’s only two types of people in the world, the ones that entertain, and the ones that observe”, Britney sings in her chart-topping hit. For those 4 minutes, you will be the one doing the entertaining, while we do the observing. Don’t forget this. Use those 4 minutes to do something crazy, the more it scares you the better. The more you think people won’t like it, the more likely it is we will love it. Just go all out and give us a fun show. And don’t forget to have fun! 

4. I’m a Slave 4 U (Live at the 2001 VMA’s) 

Britney is the queen of live performing, having founded her career on show-stopping performances that become the talk of the water cooler the next morning. Take a book out of her 2001 performance and give us something to talk about. Maybe don’t bring in a live snake into the studio, but you get the point. Fun fact: She was only 19 when she did this performance, so if Britney can do it, so can you! 

5. Baby One More Time 

Try and prepare your presentation as if you’re writing a good story. Lure us in with a good introduction and main idea, but try and add an unexpected twist before it’s over. Everyone loves a good twist or reveal. So remember, before finishing, hit us baby one more time (#sorrynotsorry for that terrible pun). 

All jokes aside though, I think it’s just important to have fun and present who you are. It can literally be anything in the world, just make it interesting. You’ll do amazing whatever you do and even if you don’t, there is always next time. Marc loves resilient people. Don’t forget, if you’re having fun on stage, so are they. 

If you need any kind of help with your interview day presentation or any other advice email me at or just hit me up on Twitter @now_pictured. 



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