“Is Honesty The Best Policy Here?”

Dear Diary,

I broke up with Jake last night. I feel emotionally numb, yet cried myself to sleep. How is that even possible? To feel nothing and everything at the same time. I feel sick to my stomach. I regretted it within seconds.

I also overshared on Selection Day.

I told them everything. That I’ve suppressed my creativity since childhood, recovered from an eating disorder, realized I have manipulative tendencies whilst training to be a therapist. 

“At least you were honest” Jake had said [if you’re reading this, call me].
But this was an interview, not a £140 therapy session. There was no question. I had overshared. 
And I’ve been thinking about why.
Does my confident twenty-eight-year-old self still feel the need to fit in? Do I have a poor sense of boundaries? Do I have social anxiety? Have I made others uncomfortable all this time? 

I start SCA this September and wonder — is honesty the best policy there? 
I bared my soul and they bought it (aka sold it for £16,500, but you get the point). Does that mean we are most persuasive when we’re honest? To sell, must we share? To shine, do we come crystal clean? 
Maybe “oversharing” isn’t “oversharing” at all in creative advertising.
Time will tell (and heal all) I guess.

Will write again in three weeks,


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