Is Mark Denton the greatest man in advertising? by @teddysouter


By Teddy Souter


Is Mark Denton the greatest man in advertising?


A lot of people have made more money.

A few people (though not that many) have made more great work.

And won more prizes.

And grabbed more headlines.

Let’s face it, most people in advertising have more hair.

But who can really claim to have inspired more people than Mark?

Who is more generous with their time and their secrets? 

Who gives more and expects nothing back?

Who teaches more with every word they speak. Encourages more people to take more creative risks, embrace more challenges, wear dafter clothes?

Who is more randomly cruel to passing Venezualan presentation slide operators?

Who has saved Creative Circle more often? (how dumb are CC to not want more from Mark by the way?)

Who else will give a fantastic speech at the drop of a hat?

Who else does trampoline classes after work?

Who else claims that 39 years of constant success and creative genius is ‘luck’?

Who has started a better agency than Simmons Palmer DENTON Clemmow Johnson? Not many.

Who has made shiny head tops and waxed ‘taches more cool?

Who else has their own half an hour interview on Japanese tv?

Who gives out better business cards?

Who is more precise about the colour tea and more interested in biscuits?

Who knows if Mark Denton is the greatest living British Adman?

But just for an hour or two at SCA… It bloody felt like it.

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