Jacob’s Advertising Mega Awesome List of Fun – By @JacobDeFig

By Jacob de Figueiredo

Jacob’s Advertising Mega Awesome List of Fun


Hello everyone, I thought it would be nice to share a list I compiled a few years back when I first wanted to take a stab at this industry. When I was fortunate enough to take part in a year-long placement at Grey London some of the creatives I was learning from helped me put together this list and told me that knowing the best work out there and absorbing yourself in the world is the first step to landing your dream job. As the industry starts to mould and develop nows a great time to really understand what’s happening and it’s something I wish I’d done sooner rather than later. 

So here’s the list for the future intake to take a look at. Finding the kind of work you like and what you want to do is one of the most important things you can learn about yourself before you start this course. So go have a look and enjoy seeing how great this job can be.


(If you haven’t already) and start following some big hitters to get daily updates into the world of MADMEN.

Dave Trott

Graham  Fink


Rory Sutherland



The School of Life


THINGS TO WATCH is a great place to get lost in for a day watching amazing people talk about anything and everything.

Reading isn’t for everyone so here are some good little videos to watch on advertising & creative thinking.

Do Schools Kill Creative

Life Lessons of an Adman

Sweat the Small Stuff

Perspective is everything

Changing Education for Creatives


Things happen every day and the main places to find out first are…

Campaign Live




Creative Criminals


Awards ceremonies are usually the best places to watch all the greatest ad campaigns and creative work.

The two main awards shows are the Cannes Lions & D&AD. 

It’s worth picking up an old copy of a D&AD annual learning all of the amazing work that’s out there and what makes it so great. Also looking at the agencies that created the work and compiling a list of them.


There are some ads that people will refer to or reference no matter how long ago they were. 

Some are film, some are digital but they’ve all won more awards and recognition than any others and it’s always good to have this knowledge in your back pocket.

Johnnie Walker – The man who walked around the world

Johnnie Walker – Gentlemen’s wager

Honda Cog

Chipotle – Back To The Start

VW – Snow Plow

Dumb Ways To Die

Dove Sketches

Push to add drama

LG Elevator

Ship My Pants – Every ad on here is gold. 

On a slightly unrelated note, I thought I would be interesting to throw in an old ideas sheet I compiled about 3 years ago when I first wanted to get into this game, to show you all some of the nonsense you can come up with and the importance of spraying ideas out without any filter – to maybe show how far I’ve come. Or not..


‘The taste of a jacket without the hassle’.

Fillings are like the hat and the scarf.

Idea: Potatoes are named with prestige eg.

– King Edward – All for bringing back the peasants and Jesters

– Maris Piper

– Charlotte – Good Charlotte Potato ‘Edgy as Fuck’

– Duke of York – Proper and old fashioned

We produce a series of print posters or idents individually showcasing

the potato’s as people, humanised like their names.

TVC – Humorous

Idea: Get Mr Potato Head Involved. We give him a jacket.

Mr Potato head and throw toppings at him in an erotic way.

TVC 1– Serious Humour

Title: Only the classiest potatoes wear jackets.

Idea: Ryan Gosling at Noma the world No.1 restaurant for dinner despite

the restaurant being over £100 a head. He doesn’t fancy the what’s on

the menu, but that’s never stopped him spending before.

He tells the waiter that what he fancies is something a little more

modest. He explains how actually he’d love something incredibly simple.

They both nod in agreeance. 5minutes later (the time it takes to cook a

McCain’s). The waiter comes out with a perfectly presentable jacket

potato. With small pots of varieties of toppings.

TVC 2– Serious Humour

Title: Alternative/ Only the classiest potatoes wear jackets.

Idea: Ryan Gosling walks into a restaurant and Mr Potato (Not Mr

Potato Head) is sitting on his own. Gosling goes to join. He sits down.

They have a conversation over dinner.

– Cuts to the end of dinner

Gosling Asks: ‘Where you going out after?’

*Cool as fuck*

TVC 3– Humour

Title: Ready Steady Cook.

Idea: We recreate a Ready Steady Cook with Ainsley Harriot. Green

Peppers Vs the Red Tomatoes.


Contestant 1 works profusely to prepare and cook the meal in the time


Contestant 2 sits on his phone not doing anything.

He’s not preparing anything.

Contestant 1 looks hurried and wanting to impress and oblivious to their


Contestant 2 still sitting on his phone with his feet up on the work


5 min to go.

Contestant 2 gets up. The first bit of movement.

He puts a Potato in the oven.

To sit back down in the same position as he was before. On his phone

with his feet up on the work surface.

4 min 50 sec.

Time is now short.

Contestant 1 is now in a panic.

Contestant 2 gets up and takes the potato out. Places it on a plate and

cuts the opening. Places it on the plate.

The Buzzer Goes

Ainsley tells them to stop.

Plate 1 An amazing plate of décor, beauty and mouth-watering chicken.

Plate 2 The world’s best jacket potato with a beautiful selection of

toppings alongside.

Ainsley Harriot Tastes really likes the first.

He tastes the jacket with some Tuna as his choice.

(Orgasmic facial expressions)

The vote for the winner. To the Audience.

Unanimous Red Tomatoes- The Winner Goes to McCain’s Jacket


TVC 4– Humour

Title: The Great British ‘Bake’ Off

Idea: Alternative idea to Ready Steady Cook. With Merry Berry.

The competition for the best Baked Potato.

TVC 5– Humour

Title: The man who eats his Jacket

Idea: Based on the man who ate Michel Lotito. The man who ate 18

bicycles in multiple sittings. An aero plane that took him 2 years. Lotito

also ate 15 shopping carts, seven television sets, six chandeliers, two

beds, a coffin and a small section of the Eiffel Tower.

The set-up is he has to eat his own jacket in a certain amount of time.


The end line.

‘If you want to eat your own jacket, fair plays we won’t judge you if you

did. But we’re just here to let you know there are other ways of doing the


Ending Frame photo of McCain’s

‘A Jacket without the hassle.’

TVC 6– Serious

Title: The race

Idea: Two merged edited films one of an Olympian flying down a the

skeleton (The Winter Olympic Sport).

The other the process of cooking a McCain’s Jacket Potato in the

microwave with the timer on the microwave going down as the Olympian

is flying down the ice shoot.

A demonstration of the speed it can be cooked.

And the lack of hassle…. Don’t forget the hassle.

TVC 7– Humour

Title: The How to Do and the How We Do

Idea: Compilation of loads of people who burnt their jacket potatoes.

Dry Jacket Potatoes and too moist jacket potatoes.

And how that doesn’t happen with McCain’s a demonstration then

happens of ours.


Title: The Nation’s favourite Vegetable.

Idea: The Britain’s got talent of the Jacket Potato with all the things that

can be done with a jacket potato. Including weird shit

Thanks for coming down this trip on memory lane with me. I hope some of it was mildly helpful. 

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