JAM – By @laurenpeters123

By Lauren Peters


Marc at the start of the week: I’ll be setting the holiday work on Friday. Those of you on placement will have a slightly different work load.

To myself: ‘Different’ meaning ‘lighter’, obviously. Makes sense given we’ll have agency work, our portfolio and Cannes Future Lions to do.

Marc on Friday: I’m expecting 6 new campaigns from you all, 12 if you’re on placement.

Pen to paper: ‘6 new campaigns’. Right, okay.

Flav: No babe. 12.

How spectacularly Marc of him. ‘If you’ve earned a placement you can sure as f*uck push to get 12 new campaigns in the book. The clever ones among you will be pushing for 15… 20…’ I can hear him say, eyebrows raised.

And so it begins. The final stint. Lucky for me I have just spent the last 6 hours dancing like an overcooked noodle at a drum circle in Brockwell Park and I feel electric. Honestly just the most wonderfully eclectic and all-round inclusive group of beaming souls. London, you beauty.

Bring on T3.

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