Confessions of a Junior Copywriter

Drew Davies

By Drew Davies


Confessions of a Junior Copywriter


Before SCA I was fortunate enough to spend two years working as a junior copywriter at a London agency called The Marketing Store.

Unfortunately my main client was McDonald’s.

They pretty much kept the agency afloat and accounted for a third of business, which pretty much made us their bitch.

Their word was law and pushing boundaries was often discouraged by some seniors who had become accustomed to appeasing the clients rules (of which there was an extensive and very boring list).

This isn’t what I signed up for and to this day I can’t figure out why so many of my lines were rejected, such as the ones below…



Our sauces are all made with lots of love


Taste the flavour of our savour this holiday with the new Festive Chicken Deluxe


The new Choc Donut – almost chocolate!


Our huge team at McDonald’s

wish you all a big fat Merry Christmas

thanks for making 2014 a massive year


THE GRAND – because size matters


The McRib – something saucy to wrap your chops around


Chicken Nuggets – literally 100% of the chicken


The new French Fries – salt with a pinch of potato


The Big Mac – way back in 1967 it hit the floor running


The cracking breakfast menu – our free range chickens have more human rights than our employees


The Festive Chicken Deluxe

Enjoy it this Christmas or save it for next year!

(expiry date 01/01/3014)


We’ve got a range of pretty sweet burgers – no really, without gherkins they’d be desserts


For the record I still enjoy McDonald’s as part of a balanced diet, active lifestyle and good night out – and so should you.


Until next time.



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