Keep on Trucking, by @SW16_Moriarty

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By James Morgan



New brief, New partners, New rules.

New brands, New ideas, New methods.

New work, New work, Better work.


Its the same repeated cycle, every fortnight, apart from the lucky few who have a slightly stronger grasp on

partners: they only have 8 of the 9 “New”s.


But how can we actually change things up in a way that makes a difference? Fuck knows, we just keep trying

new stuff.


So today we went to poundland and bought some toy trucks, guns, bows & arrows and copious amounts of

Haribo, chocolate and crisps. It’s a pretty sweet set up on our desk right now.


The trucks (one black, one blue, both emblazoned with ‘STRONG’) are banging. We re-enacted the Volvo splits

advert (we’re cool like that), ran them all over the desk, smashing up pens and stuff and making trucky noises,

and then pretended to be transformers for a bit. We spent a solid hour firing nerf shots and arrows around the

place, sticking them to Windows and mirrors (and Georgia), as well as doing our best to hit the ceiling.Then,

energised by sugar and stuff, we did some work. It was alright, not as fun as all our new toys, butshit got done.


But the point is, it isn’t just enough to do new things, it’s all about doing different things , non work things and

stuff that,whilst pointless and childish, gets the juices flowing and idealy puts something worth while onto the



Since Friday last week, there’s been a few ‘news’ for me. A new housemate, a new partner, a new secret, a new….

And that’s cool and all, the big things definitely matter when crafting the small things, but realistically, it’s all

about those little toy trucks on my desk.


Seriously, if you’re ever stuck, just go out and buy a toy truck. It’s awesome.

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